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Apple Sauce

I've been able to watch my girls feed their little ones applesauce this past winter.  My mom always made it during the summer months with fresh transparent apples.  It was my job to go and pick up the fallen apples every morning and evening.  It was not my favorite job.  So today I decided to show you the method my mother used for making apple sauce.  Do any of you remember this food mill?
Applesauce is a side dish that's so easy to make and gives flavor to any pork meal.


  • 12 large apples
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons lemon
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  1. Cut and core apples
  2. Place apples into a heavy enamel pot adding 2 cups of water.
  3. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes.
  4. Place a bowl under the food mill and fill with cooked apples.
  5. Now begin cranking the handle back and forth till all the pulp has been sieved through the mill.
  6. When completed, your pot will have remaining cores and peels. 
  7. Add sugar to taste and pour the sauce into freezer containers and store in a freezer. 
  My mother gave me this food mill in my early years of marriage.  I am so happy that I kept it as it tells many stories of days gone by. Do any of you still use one like this?


  1. Yes I still use this food mill, although my husband prefers chunky apple sauce over smooth. One of our favorite treats is homemade applesauce on homemade bread. I have always heard applesauce helps the digestion of pork.

  2. Oh, yes! I have many childhood memories making applesauce with a mill like this. And I still use one.

  3. Yep - I still make this applesauce with my transparent apples which are almost ripe right now! My "apple saucer" is a cone shaped one with a wooden mallet just like the one my mom always used. I usually make it unsweetened to freeze and then sweeten if needed for serving. Wonderful memories Marg!

  4. Yes, I have one that belonged to my mother. We recently moved and one of my husband's sisters was helping unpack the kitchen stuff. When she pulled the food mill out of a box, she said, "What in the world is this?" Not being a cook and in her late 50's she'd never seen a food mill. I was happy to educate her.

  5. I cook my apples just until soft adding only a small amount of water and no sugar. And I use my Victorio to make the sauce. My husband gets to do the cranking ��

  6. I have the same food mill - it was my mother's - and it really is the easiest and best way to make applesauce! I don't core my apples as the cores are strained out by the milling process along with the peels and stems. Like Vicki, I only add a small amount of water; and I add cinnamon instead of lemon juice.

  7. My foodmill has a wooden pusher. Just used it to make a large pan of applesauce. I core but do not peel and use very little water. If apples are really ripe, I don't add sugar.

  8. Well. I had a food mill and tried to make tomato sauce, but it didn't work very well and made a mess of the tomatoes! Maybe the blades didn't fit right--or something--but I got rid of it. Sigh.

  9. I got rid of my mother's food mill years ago. Then last summer, I bought a new one to use with an abundance of fresh tomatoes. Now I will use it for applesauce, too.

  10. I am naive in cooking and I keep searching for different food blogs for recipe. This one is really easy and I am going to try it today. Thanks for it and yes I do use the very same food mill and yes, it was given by my mother.

  11. Yup, still using that food mill!

  12. I've had that food mill for decades. For applesauce, I use a potato masher, but for mashed potatoes I use the food mill. I always did do things my own way.

  13. Yes Marg, I've been using mine for 40 years and daughter-in-law also borrows it. A gift from Mom, who also had one. Hers was kind of pitted from years of use for apples and tomatoes. I gave one of these to daughter when she got married too. It looks like quite a few cooks have one of these. Dairymary

  14. when you take it out of the freezer is it runny? has anyone tried canning in jars instead of freezing?

    1. I have never found my applesauce runny. Yes, you can also can it. I used to can everything. But with just the two of us, I prefer to freeze my applesauce as it is quicker for me.


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