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Thanks to our Sponsors

There are so many ways to give and so many people in need. We have a wonderful group of sponsors here on our blog who have partnered with us in giving to one of our projects, or to one they have chosen on their own.

Today I want to start by welcoming our newest blog sponsors, Abundant Family Acre Farm.

Several weeks ago I took a drive out to the country, just down the road from where we raised our daughters. I was welcomed by owners Andy and Cara and we re acquainted ourselves. I remembered them as my Sunday School students over 30 years ago, and I also have fond memories of their parents and grandparents from those early church years.

After a little tour of their farm and a fun and interesting visit, Cara sent Andy to pull me a few fresh stalks of rhubarb while she gave me some fresh Pac Choi and Broccoli Raab. Those two vegetables were new to me, so Cara suggested a wonderful recipe for Broccoli Raab Pasta which you can also find on their blog under 'Eat".

Andy and Cara have chosen to donate to Cyrus Centre in Abbotsford, BC.
Thank you!

We also want to highlight each of our other sponsors today.

Neufeld Farms is located in Abbotsford BC. They as a family have been farming for over 40 years. Strawberry season is well on it's way here in the Fraser Valley. Stop by their Berry Barn to buy your strawberries this year. You'll love their friendly staff, and check out all the other wonderful things in the store.
Thank you for continuing to donate through MCC to help those in need.

Lepp Farm Market is a family-run year-round farm market in the Fraser Valley of BC. Shopping at their market you will find many BC gourmet foods as well as locally grown farm to table products. The Farmer's Table is now open so plan to stay for lunch. I have eaten there and the food and service are excellent. Also check out their upcoming cooking classes. You won't be disappointed.
Thank you for continuing to donate to the local needs in your community.

Winks Home Garden and Gifts is a lovely little shop in Chilliwack BC where they make all things beautiful. Winks has become a destination shop for the locals but the staff often hear from customers who are passing through that it's a must stop along the way. Winks has a bridal and baby gift registry, and their special touch is complimentary gift wrapping all year round.
Thank you for continuing to donate to the local Food Bank. Winks and her husband Dave also have a heart for the people of Romania and through our MGCC book sales they donate all proceeds from sales to projects in Romania. Stop by the store today to hear about their latest project in Romania.

Grand Pappy's in Chilliwack BC is a really fun place to shop. They have fantastic staff who are knowledgeable and able to help you with your home furnishings, appliances and more.
Thank you Brandi and Matt for choosing to donate to Ruth and Naomi's House in Chilliwack.

Tracey Cakes is the place to go if you are looking for a sweet little place for coffee and a cupcake, a bowl of soup and a sandwich, or high tea. Check out their web site for their locations.
Thank you for donating to World Vision.

Cobb's Bread  in Abbotsford is owned and operated by Willy and June Isaac. Walking into their store you will be greeted not only by the wonderful aroma of fresh baked breads but also by their friendly staff.
Thank you for joining us in donating to our Wash Program in Kenya. We know that fresh drinking water is key to good health.

We hope that if you our readers live near these businesses you will stop by and show them your support. Tell them the girls from MGCC sent you!

Again, thank you to each of our sponsors who give so generously to those in need.


  1. So thankful for these great businesses!

  2. Yes.. thank you! for caring enough to share in our giving to those in need!


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