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Roast Beef and Fried Egg Sandwich

Saturdays my mom often made a breakfast style meal for supper, along with a cup of tea. I learned how to make this Sandwich in Grade 8 Home Economics class. Do they still have those classes in school today? I was so impressed that I learned something new and it was something I could actually make for my family, I made it that very weekend. A great way to use up leftover roast beef.
I will give you the list of ingredients, and you make your sandwich according to how many you are feeding. For one sandwich you need  the following -

  • toasted bread or bun of your choice
  • mayonnaise
  • your favorite mustard
  • 1 small onion, caramelized (thinly sliced and fried slowly on low heat in a bit of butter or oil until you have a deep brown color)
  • 1 fried egg
  • leftover roast beef or store bought sliced cooked roast beef that you can purchase at the deli counter
  • cheese
Voila, with some pickles on the side that is all you need. Enjoy.


  1. That sounds like my kind of sandwich.

  2. Fried eggs are my "go to" but adding roast beef and cheese - perfection! I still use some of the recipes I learned in Home Economics (i.e. Tea Biscuits, Apple Crisp, cookies).

  3. I'm going to print this out so I have it handy to use the next time I cook a roast for Sunday Dinner!

  4. Sounds like something my son would like. I wish they still had Home Economics classes in the school, Our school here just took wood shop away, I wonder soon if any of our children will know how to do anything of these things anymore - then what?


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