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Granddaughters and Grandmothers

 Pizza Day in the Kitchen 

One of the joys of being a grandmother is to find ways to spend time with my grand-girls. 
One way is in the kitchen. Recently my girls wanted to learn how to make pizza from scratch. 
We spent an enjoyable few hours. 
The pizzas are gluten free since both my granddaughters have Celiac. 
The recipe they used  for their crust is found  here, and then they both chose their own toppings. 
Building memories, passing on the skills we have learned is such fun.. 

Azuki Koshian 

To my delight, my granddaughters beginning to do their own exploring in the kitchen.
Having a Japanese student living with them has also expanded their palates in trying foods 
other than traditional family favorites.
 My younger granddaughter recently asked me to sample the above Japanese dessert 
that she had made. 
 It has an unusual texture, a little like wet marshmallow 
with an exotic/fruity, mild flavour, and is not very sweet. 
  If you have occasion to entertain Japanese neighbours or tourists,
 my granddaughter said she found this video most helpful in instructing how to make this delicacy.
She added, 
" but also make sure to mention in your post that if a person makes it, that they should coat their hands with LOTS of corn starch before handling the sweet rice after its been in the microwave!" 

A Saturday Cleaning Tip 
Another way I have always been assured of having a 'connecting' point with my girls is that if any thing needs fixing , I am the 'go-to' person. 
When my older granddaughter was a toddler, she picked up the idea that I could fix anything,
and so if anything broke, or a piece of clothing tore, or a toy didn't work, she would carry it to the front door, and say, "Nanna fix it".  
When I would come over there was always a pile at the door waiting for me ! 
That hasn't really changed, My younger granddaughter called me yesterday to ask if I could fix her favourite cream jacket.  It was dry-clean only and she had spilled chocolate on it. 
I got it  all out without even a faint remain of the stain and no rings from spot cleaning. 
What I used was the Miracle Cleaner - that white sponge thing.  

I wish I had taken photos of the before and after, but I didn't. I have used the sponge before to get hard to remove spots from clothing and it works! You  need no soap, and you don't have to wet more of the garment than just the spot, because you don't have to rinse out the soap. 
Just wet the sponge and gently rub the spot.


  1. ahhh, you are a grandmother after my own heart...I, too, spent a lot of time in the kitchen with our grands..even the boys.
    We still get together just before Christmas for a MAKE THE COOKIES DAY and love it.

  2. Thanks for a great post! It was fun reading, and informative, too. I'll remember that spot removal tip.

  3. Such a lovely grandmom and granddaughter photo. I can feel the love and almost taste those delicious looking pizzas

  4. Beautiful post Julie and such pretty granddaughters! My granddaughter and I made pizzas today!
    I've taken note of the cleaning tip!

  5. Your granddaughters are beautiful Julie! I can't wait to do things like this with mine (I'll have to wait a few years though since she's only 8 weeks old!!). So cool that you are the go to fixer - my mom was like that!! Loved this post.

  6. pretty pretty girls you have and also the great tip thanks

  7. Thank you for your magic eraser tip!

  8. Oh how I want to be a grandmother but apparently our three sons haven't decided that yet. I wonder if the magic sponge would work on a stain I have on our cream colored rug. I will try that. Thank you.

  9. I love that you can be the go to person to fix anything! I can also well imagine that for those things you can't fix, they know you will be praying. I will have to check out that Magic eraser.

  10. Wow! I will be trying that Magic Eraser tip!

  11. May I just warn you never to use the Magic eraser on fine leather or skin as it acts like sandpaper and takes off the top layer


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