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I wondered what I could share for Mother's Day and I settled on a prayer for the different stages we might all go through as mothers or in our experience with our own mothers.

Dear God and Father of all,
Thank you for mothers young and old. Thank you for your love and guidance as they raised us, loved us, and disciplined us. 
Lord give mothers of young children and babies the strength they need to make it through each day. Give them refreshment and joy despite their constant need to attend to others. Strengthen them with the hope of the future.
Lord, help those young mothers who have miscarried or whose babies have died in child birth. May they know you understand their sorrow and grief and give them friends and loved ones who can help them in their pain.
Lord, comfort those who have not been able to conceive and who grieve because they have not been able to have children. 
Lord help the mothers of teenagers. Give them an extra measure of understanding and love to see their children through this time that can be so challenging to their teens and to them as they watch the struggles that come with this age.
Lord help the mothers of adult children. Help them to be at peace with the journey they are on and trust God with their future. Help them to leave them in God's hands, knowing when to help and when to keep quiet.
Lord help our mothers as they age. May they continue to serve you and give guidance and encouragement to those younger than them.
Lord heal and comfort those who have been hurt or abandoned by their earthly mothers. In your healing may there be forgiveness instead of bitterness. May they accept and understand the extravagant love that you have for them despite the failures of their own mothers. 
 Lord comfort those who have lost their mothers and miss their touch on their lives. 
Lord may we all look to you in whatever stage of life we are in. May we rely on you, dear God, to bring us through whatever life on earth brings our way. May we always look to the hope of the future we have with you because of what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross.
Lord, if anyone reading this prayer has not been saved by putting their faith in you through Jesus Christ, I pray you have mercy on them and show them the way to peace with you through Jesus Christ. 
In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.


  1. This is very beautiful and I wholeheartedly agree with the advice you give adult children's mothers, which is what I am. "Leave them in God's hand" is very difficult and I'll try to remember your phrase every time I worry or try to interfere. Thank you for your wisdom !

  2. Thank you for 'listening to the Spirit', knowing how to pray for all of us. I appreciate this so much...... and pray with you.

  3. Thank you so much. This is beautiful. I just blogged about how much I miss my Mom and how I took her for granted at different stages in my life. How irreplaceable she is. I am a Mom and know how much my Mom meant to me and how much I didn't see that. Love on your Moms. Just love all over them with everything you have! <3

  4. Thank you Ellen for this beautiful Mother's Day prayer.

  5. Thank you, Ellen ... for the blessing prayer ... and I wish you and everyone reading our blog a very blessed Mother's Day... full of love and thankfulness.

  6. Your prayer touched my heart Ellen and will encourage and up lift many others. Thank you for the sensitivity, gifted to you by God and used so willingly to bless others.

  7. A very special prayer, Ellen. I hope that lots of mothers read it today.

  8. Like warm salve to a hurting soul...I too hope lots of Mamas and Daughters read this today..


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