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Saturday in Ellen's Kitchen / Baby shower decorating ideas

A young couple in our weekly small group is going to be having a baby boy this summer so for our end of study year barbecue we included a mini shower for them with a group gift from all of us. My Saturday tip for you is that you don't have to spend a fortune on decorations.
I found all these cute little boy decorations at our local Dollar Tree Store including the Baby Boy wrapped mints.
I found other items I already had in my cupboards to add to the decorations I bought at the Dollar Tree.
I bought 3 balloons at another party store and had them filled with helium for some added pop. These cost just under $4.00 with tax.
Mason jars with ribbon tied around and marbles in the bottom so the utensils were at the right height. These were all items I had in the house.
The next time you have a party don't forget about the Dollar Store!

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!


  1. We have a Dollar General and I prefer Dollar Tree as they seem to have more in the line of home goods and more reasonably priced. You did a lovely job of decorating for the shower and I admire those who can do such a nice job and yet not spend a fortune. Lovely! Congratulations to the family and their upcoming addition too.

  2. Absolutely are so smart and what would we do without the Dollar Tree...:)

  3. This is great and I love the mason jars idea!!!