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Decorated Sugar Cookies

 Earlier this week Ellen posted some great baby shower decoration ideas. I thought I would share these cute cookies with you that I made for my nieces baby shower recently. They are time consuming, so make some coffee, invite a friend over and start decorating. My friend and I had a lot of fun doing it together. Feel free to use your favorite sugar cookie recipe or try the ones posted on our website here. I am not a very artistic and creative person thus got my inspiration from google images.

 I didn't use any special icing, just icing sugar and milk. There is no exact amounts here to give you. It is something that you will have to experiment with. 

Add just a very small amount of gel food coloring.
You can always add color to make it more intense if you desire a deeper color.
As you can see you it needs very little. 

Make the first batch of icing rather stiff so you can out line 
the shape of the cookies. Co-ordinate the color of the out line with the color of the icing that you are flooding the cookie with. We choose to keep it simple and use only pale pink and white as a base for the cookies.
We used added colors for the accents.

Use a small inexpensive bag with a teeny tiny hole snipped in the corner, 
or a plastic bottle with a tip that has a small opening 
that can be purchased for decorating. 

After all the cookies have an outline, make the icing thinner and more fluid so you can flood the cookie and spread it around with a skewer. 

Continue to use the stiffer icing to decorate using the bag or a bottle like this. 

Dry the cookies uncovered for several hours or overnight. 
Once the cookies are completely dry, store in a covered container.
We froze a couple of cookies to see what would happen.
If you did freeze them you would have to thaw them uncovered.
I however would not recommend freezing them.
I did not like the look of the icing after it was finished. 
They lost the sheen and looked dull.
They store well for several days so there is no need
to freeze them after they are decorated. 
I froze the cookies without icing and just brought
them out of the freezer to thaw prior to decorating to save on time.


  1. Oh my goodness! Those are so cute!!! They look so professional. I bet they were time consuming all right but, I love your idea of spending some time with a friend decorating them together. I'm sure they were a hit!

  2. They are beautiful Charlotte! Great job and tutorial.

  3. Great idea - do you let them dry uncovered?

    1. Danielle D, Yes you would let them dry uncovered.

  4. Those cookies are beautiful! I have always wondered how they make them so thank you very much for the detailed instructions. I might try them now.

  5. Char....those are just darling!!!


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