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Quick What's for dinner - Hot Sandwiches

When you get home from work in the evening and have nothing planned for dinner, you don't need to order in pizza or pile the kids in the car and head for a fast food outlet.  In this (third) installment of "Quick What's for dinner"  I'm passing on a few hot sandwich ideas that can help you have dinner on the table in no time flat.  Serve with a salad or fresh veggies and dip.

 Chicken Philly Sandwich – Sauté sliced raw chicken in oil with a minced garlic clove until chicken is no longer pink.  Remove from pan and add sliced peppers and onions and sauté until tender. Add chicken, grated mozzarella cheese and heat until cheese melts. Serve on hoagie or sub bun or toast. 

Beef or Pork Philly Sandwich –Make as directed for the Chicken Philly sandwiches. Use thin sliced leftover beef or pork instead of the chicken.  Add BBQ sauce to the bun.

Mushroom Melt – Fry up some bacon, remove from pan and set aside. Saute' fresh mushrooms and a few sliced onions in butter.  When golden and tender, grate mozzarella or cheddar cheese over them. When the  the cheese has melted, slide onto buttered toast. (it's also good without the bacon)

Hot Beef or Chicken sandwich -
Add sliced leftover roast beef or chicken to gravy - either leftover or made from a package. Serve hot over toasted bread or buns.

Beef Au Jus Sandwich- 
Prepare a package of Au Jus mix as directed.  Add deli sliced roast beef to the au jus just long enough to heat the meat.  Toast or grill hoagie buns and spread lightly with garlic butter.  Pile meat on buns and serve with small bowls of the au jus.  You can also fry an onion until caramelized and add this to the sandwich.

Open Faced Grilled Sandwich – spread a bun or piece of toast with butter and mayo, and mustard or BBQ sauce.  Top with meat – sliced deli meat, leftover meatloaf, thick spaghetti sauce, or tuna  (mix with a bit of mayo).  Grate cheese over top and grill under broiler.

Grilled Cheese and... – Butter 2 slices of bread and spread with mayo, mustard or BBQ sauce if desired.  Grate cheese on one slice.  (you can add a slice of deli meat if you like)  Top with second slice of bread and butter both sides of the sandwich on the outside.  Place in heated frying pan and toast until golden, flip and toast other side.

Wrangler (great for breakfast or late supper) – Cut a hole in the centre of a piece of bread. (about 2-3” in diameter)   Cut a piece of bacon in half and fry in fry pan until one side is done.  Flip bacon pieces and press bread slice over them in the pan.  Break an egg into the hole in the bread and fry on medium heat until egg begins to set.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper before flipping to cook other side until egg is done to your liking.

Denver – Fry up some chopped bacon with chopped onion, green and/or red peppers.  Lightly beat 2 eggs with 1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce.  Pour into pan with bacon and cook over med. Heat until set, flip and cook other side.  Serve on or between slices of toast. 

Monte Cristo – Any sandwich  made with deli meat and cheese, dipped in beaten egg and fried on both sides in a lightly buttered pan .


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