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In our small group this week we studied how to break down a Bible verse. To dissect it word for word, so we can come to a fuller understanding of Gods word rather than simply skimming over it. To meditate on the entire meaning of it, not just part of it.

Grace ~ a gift freely given to us by God, though we are undeserving of it.
Peace ~ freedom from an inner turmoil resulting with a sense of inner calm.
Abundance ~ a large quantity til  overflowing.
through ~ coming in one side and out the other of my entire being, going from head knowledge to heart knowledge.
knowledge ~ a keen awareness and comprehension gained by personal experience.
God ~ creator, ruler, authority over all
Jesus Christ ~ teacher
Lord ~ someone having influence

Now read the verse again, keeping these definitions in mind and really contemplating  them.

Make the verse personal. Which word stands out for you?

For me it is the word Grace and what it means in my own life. God freely gives it. It is a gift, because of His great love for me. It is lavished upon me, whether I deserve it or not. I don't always accept it.
Breaking the verse down word by word and taking the time to meditate on it makes me realize that Grace and Peace is a promise for me that will overflow in my life if I seek Him and get to know the triune God more intimately and make Him ruler over my life. ALL of my life. (Easier said than done).
It leaves me with hope, encouragement, reassurance that even in my failings, I am loved, forgiven as I get to know God / Jesus more intimately. That gives me comfort.

May Grace, and Peace abound in your life as you seek a closer relationship in Christ. Receive the gift, it is freely given.


  1. This is beautiful in every way, Charlotte. Your photo is so lovely and the Word so lovely and your explanation enriching and encouraging. I love this Bible study. God bless you richly.

  2. Thank you for the reminder that I must dig deeper and not just skim the surface when I am reading my Bible.

  3. Charlotte - thanks for this post - drawing our focus back to our Saviour!! He needs to be Lord of our life - all parts!! Amen to that one sister!! I also know love His unconditional love, grace and forgiveness for me! Thanks for the reminders


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