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Bread for the Journey

(Photo Credit to Tara Jakobson)

I love how sunflowers always turn their face towards the sun to bask in the fullness of it's goodness. 
I often find myself in a place that I need to either seek forgiveness from someone I have hurt or wronged, or I need to forgive someone that has hurt me, knowingly or unknowingly.
The bible mentions forgiveness so often. It speaks about God's forgiveness towards us and also towards one another.
Somehow I find it easier to ask for forgiveness, or forgiving someone that comes to ask for forgiveness. But what about those that never ask, nor do they feel they need to?
Sometimes it is difficult for me is to forgive myself. How about you, do you have difficulty forgiving yourself for mistakes you have made in you life?  Perhaps you said something that should have been left unsaid. Maybe it was a poor choice you made a long time ago that you can not go back and correct. Perhaps you have experienced a deep hurt that you are unable to let go of. We have the assurance of God's word that God forgives us our transgressions, but are you really able to accept that forgiveness? God has freely given us that gift through his Son Jesus. We have the hope of living free and forgiven through Christ. I invite you today to be gracious with yourself, as Christ is gracious to you.
May the words of 1 John 1:9 encourage you.
If we confess our sins,
he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.
May you be filled with the confidence and assurance that not only are you forgiven, but made pure.


  1. If any one understands the importance of forgiveness and being forgiven, it is me. Thank you for sharing this verse.

  2. Thank you, I needed that. His love and mercy keep me going.



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