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Saturday in Marg's Kitchen

It's Mother's Day weekend.
And what better way than to honor my own beloved Mother.
My Mother, loved her kitchen, her husband, family,
and her Northern Reflections Wardrobe.
I loved it when she came over to help me bake...
We had fun...we had laughter, we had a mess.
Can we ever honor our Mother's enough when we think about the
daily gifts of time and energy they gave to us?
There is only one way to return this gift and that is to turn our attention
to loving and nurturing the next generation, our children, and our grandchildren.
She's been gone now for 13 years, and I still cherish the memories.

I will never forget the time my mom came home from town with brand new cookie sheets.
They were shiny, no rust, easy to clean, and a little bit more costly.
She treasured them and gave strict instructions to her daughters how to care for them.
Well, here I am in the same pans are rusty,
things are constantly sticking...and I am needing to scrape the buns off the pans.
Something needs to change because it frustrates me.
Yes, I agree, there is parchment paper...and it works like a charm.
Even a bit of oil and grease works, sometimes.

Over the past years, I have found what I call the 'Mercedes' of all bakeware.
I am slowly investing in new pieces and requesting them as gifts.
Generally, I've had to carefully pry the muffins out of the pan,
hoping not to squish them or have them falling apart.
Not anymore.
And what I love that the muffins are crusty all around, not just the tops.

My granola slides off with ease...notice how clean the pan is.
They are all evenly baked all around.
I love my new pans.

You might be thinking that you need some new pans.
You can quickly order some just in time for Mother's Day!
Make it simple for your family...order your own.
They are USA PAN, nonstick coating, fluted surface for even baking
and highly recommended for industrial bakeware.
 You may want to check this out and can order items on Amazon.

Using quality products makes my Saturday in the kitchen pleasurable.

Wishing you all a celebratory Mother's Day weekend.


  1. I am glad to learn about the pans. I have some really awful ones and a few good ones. Thanks for sharing the link. (Will the pans make all my cooking attempts successful? Ha!)

  2. Brings back SO many memories.
    Thanks for sharing about the pans, will check them out.

  3. My son and his wife bought me two cookie sheets of this brand for Christmas and I LOVE THEM. Well I love my son and his wife too! I often times send them texts or emails after I bake cookies thanking them once again for the wonderful gift. Maybe I should hope (and hint) for the muffin pan for my birthday :) My parchment paper sits idle in the drawer now. It's no longer needed :)

  4. I upgraded most of my bakeware to USA pans about 8 or 10 years ago and would never go back. They simply are the best of what's out there in the marketplace and are worth every extra penny you have to pay for them.

  5. I purchased a bread pan and liked it so much that I bought one for my mother.
    I plan on buying more pans from this company using my 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, making them even more enjoyable. I agree--they're the best!

  6. Thank you so much for this useful tip!!! I've never heard of these pans but will definitely be checking them out.

  7. Haven't heard of these pans but they look great. I've had to upgrade some of mine too after 30 some years. Now to replace the "sticky" Tupperware things that totally remind me of my Mom's old plastics ;). Have a great Mum's Day Marg - hopefully everything will be low key in comparison to last weekend - smile!

  8. I'm looking for cookie sheets that don't buckle as soon as they hit the heat. It doesn't seem to matter how much I spend they are never quite right. I may give these a try. Angharad

    1. I know what you mean about buckling...I don't think you will be sorry. There's no buckling here. They are wonderful.

  9. Rosemary B here:
    Happy Mother's Day. I hope your day is sunny and filled with joy and love.

    My recently engaged younger daughter found these pans at Bed Bath and Beyond.
    She adores them. I believe she added every single one to her wedding registry.
    When she discovered them she immediately told me all about them! That is one of the greatest gifts we get from our children, their enthusiastic reports of the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets.
    So..... maybe after November when they have their own place together, I will come over and watch them try out their new kitchen stuff!

    Blessings to all of you at MGCC

  10. Curious - do the pans also work for chicken, fish etc?

    1. Hi,
      I have to honestly say..that I never use my baking sheets for meat. I always put my chicken/fish into pyrex platters. I am sure that these would work. I just borrowed out my pans this weekend, and the results were excellent.
      But I have never used the pans for meat. Anyone out there that has any experience on using these USA pans with meat?


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