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Honor your father and your mother,
so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.
Exodus 20:12

As a young girl, I recall Mother's Day being celebrated at church with a message honoring moms and a special program by the kids with songs and poems. What stands out in my memory are the flowers people wore to remember their mom. If you had a mom still living you wore a red or pink carnation, while those whose mom had passed away wore a white carnation. I always felt sad for those who wore white.

A German song that I also remember from my childhood is one that comes to mind when I think of the privilege of still having a mom. The lyrics do not translate as poetic as they sound in German, but simply put, they bid you, if you still have a mom, to thank God for her and bring her the most beautiful bouquet today.

On this day, we all have one thing in common . . . we all have a mother and we all have memories associated with that. Maybe today is the day to take that bouquet for whatever reason is in your heart. It may be to give thanks or to say I love you. It may be a visit to the graveyard or it may be to seek forgiveness or to forgive. 

Thank the Lord today for the one who gave you the gift of life.

Wishing a blessed Mother's Day to all mothers!
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  1. I would have to take a red flower because my mother is alive every day in my heart. Her voice still guides me and her smile is my favorite memory. God blessed me with a wonderful, strong, inspirational woman of faith for a mom.

  2. I would wear a white flower today. Thank you for this lovely reflection.

  3. I so remember the flowers wore a white one for many years ,, to bad a tradition no longer exists she passed when I was 22 at the time no homes in those days so ,, looked after her while I was still attending highschool .. she was a very talented lady the day ,,worked way to hard ,, on the farm ,, never did have so called retirement ,,, she made the best with what we had ,, at the time we had everything we needed .. and then some ,, she earned her rest just way to soon ..

  4. I also would be wearing a red flower. My sweet gentle non-discriminating Mom lives on in my heart every day. I miss her SO!
    Thank you for the lovely reflection.

  5. Thank you all MGCC for the wonderful work you do to encourage the faithful and spread God's love. I pray that our Holy Mother continues to fill your hearts and minds with strength and courage to carry on this work. May the blessings of the Lord be upon you. Happy Mothers' Day. Angharad

  6. I too have joined the white flower club; today I remember my Mom with love and know that I have blessed.

  7. Beautiful reflections! I had a wonderful Mother and she lives on in my heart every day. She had a most beautiful flower garden and almost always had a fresh bouquet on the dining room table! Today I think of her and miss her. I hope your Mother's day is a wonderful one!


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