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the cookbook winner is. . .

Yesterday  the grands were over for brunch.
I had spent several hours. . .yes. .several hours cutting apart comments on Saturday and now I needed an impartial comment selector to pick the winner of our cookbook.
Kanneloni Macaroni. . .
mixed them all up. .

turned her face in order to remain impartial. . .
rolled up her sleeves to keep from hiding any stray comments in there. .

and picked. . .
Ang Nickel.

Congratulations Ang. . .
we are delighted to have you as the first winner of our book.
Your prize is still in the making and will be sent to you Spring 2011.
The rest of you ..  can preorder from Herald Press here. . get 20% off  and free shipping..

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words.
We appreciate each comment.
As I folded them.  .
I read each one and wished I could give you each a book.

I peeked to see what Anneliese has posted for tomorrow.
It's a mystery dessert. .
Do come and see.

All for now. .
with love,


  1. Congrats to Ang!

    Looking forward to the next recipe!

    You girls rock!

  2. You sure had a cute "picker!" Congrats to Ang!

  3. What a great impartial judge!! Also quite a doll...

  4. Congrats to Ang! Your granddaughter is adorable!!

  5. Oh, how cute is that picker? Darn, I didn't win. No matter, I'll just order the cookbook.

    I agree with "June Freaking Cleaver" - - - - you girls rock and deserve that book deal.

  6. Yippee a winner! Congratulations Ang!

  7. Congratulations Ang..I hope you will enjoy the cookbook! I think it's worth the wait:)
    What a dear little girl, she looks quite excited to do her part!

  8. It would be fun to see a real photo of our winner...I wonder if she would submit one?

  9. KM may be being groomed to be one of those game show know, the ones that turn letters, or wave their arms affectionately over prizes and such.

    I hear its great work if you can get it!

  10. Congratulations Ang!

    Since it wasn't me, I got right onto the website and ordered my copy. Looking forward to that mail day when I get to see what goodies will be coming my way.

  11. Thanks to sweet little KM for doing the honours. Congratulations to you's always fun to wait for a gift in the mail....this is a rather long wait, but us girls here at MGCC are waiting with you.

  12. Congratulations to Ang! Your picker is precious!
    My copy is already ordered! Can't wait!
    until next time... nel

  13. Congrats to Ang! I will have to wait patiently with the rest of the world to buy the book. Can't wait to read it and give it what I know will be a glowing review on my blog.

  14. I don't know if you already know this, but you can pick a commenter online as well. Look up: random number generator and then pick a website (I'm sure there are many that work). Then all you do is enter the number of comments left on the blog, and it will pick one for you, instead of you having to print and cut them all out.

    Either way, couldn't have been picked by anyone cuter! :)


  15. I'm excited and can hardly wait to get my copy. Wow!!! Thanks for the opportunities and all those delicious recipes.

    Ang Nickel

  16. SO happy for you Ang! Can you invite us over when you cook from it?

  17. Candice. ..I had read that somewhere but somehow didn't locate the correct site. . now I know. .and will certainly use it next time.
    Thanks for that hint.

  18. What a cutie pie impartial winner picker! Congrats to blessed Ang!

  19. I've been checking out this blog at least weekly for the last few years. I was so stoked when I heard that you were putting out a cookbook. Thanks so much!! Your book will be going next to my Mennonite Treasury of Recipes.

    I especially appreciate your Mennonite recipes section. I use your recipes on their own and as "companion recipes" to my older Mennonite recipes. You know the ones I mean . . . where there are no actual measurements and you have to guess at the cook times and temperatures.

    Thanks again!!


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