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Mennonite Girls Having Fun

Morning coffee with my guests...the prairie girls Betty and Charlotte.

We received a warm welcome on Judy's front porch.

The table settings along with name tags were a cheery welcome for our morning brunch.

We did feel welcome! It was all so beautiful!

Judy put on a real spread!

Food, friends and fellowship.

After brunch Bev and her husband Harv treated us to a mini cruise on beautiful Harrison.

A little beach stop...Anneliese and Betty had some fun on a rope swing....

and we stopped to take a group of many!

Marg and I served a light snack.

Enjoying girlfriend time while relaxing and taking in the beauty of God's creation.

The Harrison Hotel in the distance as we headed back to shore.
What a treat this was!

Bev's lovely yard and pond.

On the patio I spotted the zucchini blossoms that Bev picked up at Lepp Farm Market yesterday.
They were so pretty and delicious.

Bev in her kitchen.


Sharing a meal and our hearts.
Bev had chosen a scripture verse for each of us which was printed on the inside of the beautiful place cards she had made. Tears came freely as we went around the table and read each verse....each one so fitting for our personal lives.

Our last stop of the day was at Marg's home, where we gathered around her beautiful island,
and found comfy spots to sit and relax.

Marg's home turned into a quiet spa retreat for the evening.

She served us fresh blackberries picked today by her daughter.... well as her wonderful Hazelnut Torte.

The sunset was beautiful as our day came to a close.

We are heading out for another great day.
Tomorrow morning Anneliese will tell you all about it.


  1. Looks like a fun day!

  2. All of the photographs are wonderful but the beach portrait is 5 star keeper forever

    you girls are simply beautiful inside and out

  3. The get together looks like so much fun. I've enjoyed seeing the photos. I love coming here and spending time reading the recipes and the Bread for the Journey.

  4. Wow! What a wonderful time! And a beautiful flock of girls!!

    I wish I were there!

  5. Oh I love terrific you gals all look! I do love this little tour through your daily excursion and am anxious to check in tonight.

  6. Wow looks like you ladies had a wonderful time! I so wish I could have joined in on all the fun! The food looks so yummy!


  7. How wonderful that you lovely ladies could join up....and be blessed as all of us are with your GRAND site.

  8. Each kitchen was gorgeous and the only thing that could improve on their beauty and style was the addition of wonderful friends. Thanks for letting us join in the fun (without the additional calories-oh my!)

  9. Who knew - Mennonite Girls "Eat, Pray, Love"?
    Looks like you are all having a wonderful time. Hope to see the recipes for some of that fantastic looking food you've been eating!

  10. Looks like you girls are having a great time! Looking good

  11. Gals, thank you for sharing your days with the beautiful pic's and notes...sounds like you are having a blast.
    Looking forward to tomorrow's post!!
    Betty, we need to do coffee as soon as you're home!! Can't wait to hear all about your days with the"manonittish myahliss"
    Love, sis Norma

  12. Very cool pictures, valley streaming, having fun with friends and fellows are great moment of every one shared people of group.
    I enjoyed post thanks for it :).

  13. Just a joy to share in these photos!

  14. What a beautiful, well crafted life..... thanks for sharing......wished you girls lived closer!!!! Your hearts are evident in everything you do.

  15. Oh Mom you are so blessed to have such wonderful and caring friends. See God uses the internet too. He brought all you lovely ladies together.

  16. Well, I'm grinning here on the East Coast - you Mennonite girls know how to cook and how to have fun!! So lovely that you could be together enjoying fellowship, praying for one another and deepening your friendship. Here's to many more reunions!

  17. I'm positive that you built some lovely lasting memories and saw God through out your day.


  18. That torte looks amazing (not that food is the most important thing) =)


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