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Creamed Corn

What is it about corn and weddings? Well, let me take you way back. It was in the month of September that we were married, (1973) Yes, we could plan a wedding, but all I remembered, was that we had to be back to harvest corn. Here we are 37 years later...still talking about corn on our wedding anniversary. Let me share a delicious family recipe for Creamed corn, only one thing different...I now have well-deserved help. Over the years we have enjoyed preserving the corn together, while husking, washing, cutting, cooking and bagging.

Husking dozens of corn cobs. It's easy enough to double this recipe once you find a system in place, and you can share this with your family and don't forget to check out this recipe. Corn Chowder Soup.

I am used to cutting it by hand, but he insists to use the electric meat cutter. 
Give a man a machine and he'll do anything.

Creamed Corn

  • Husk 5 dozen corn.
  • Wipe off the hair with a tea towel.
  • Cut it directly off the cob. (no blanching)
  • Put the corn kernels into a large turkey roaster.
  • Add one pound butter.
  • Add one 500 ml half and half cream.
  • Cook at 350 degrees for one hour, stirring every 15 minutes.
  • Keep covered.
  • Then cool the roaster which is full of corn in an ice water bath. I cool it in my bathtub with lots of ice.
  • Then bag it and store in your freezer.
In the winter, you can just throw it in the microwave, until it is heated through and through. It's like eating fresh corn off the cob.
Things have changed over the last 37 years. But we can still stand and smile at each, preserving corn together, reminiscing about the wonderful memories created, and thanking God for preserving our years together.


  1. This brings back memories for me too....helping my mil with corn on the farm. Haven't done so in years, but this is the exact recipe I used and it is just as you fresh off the cob.

  2. Oh that corn looks fantastic. . .and Happy Anniversary you two! I hope you find something wonderful to do after that corn makes it in the freezer :)

  3. Ah yes, Corn season - that reminds me that I was going to freeze some corn this week as well. Today may have to be the day.I may have to try some creamed corn - my DH loves it.
    Happy Anniversary- may you have many more!

  4. Wowzers! That's a lot of creamed corn. How wonderful to be able to pull it out of the freezer and enjoy all year long :0)

  5. Happy Anniversary! You make me think of Thanksgiving, how delicious that corn would be on the table!

  6. That is the best way to freeze corn...I can vouch for it!

    And 'happy anniversary', John and Marg. Are you sure you still have time for a tennis match today?

  7. Looks ever so yummy..although I know it takes a lot of work.
    Great team you two.
    Happy Anniversary!!

  8. Just in case you have a real kitchen newby reading, you may want to mention that you cool the ROASTER full of corn in the bath tub. I'd hate to have them dump the kernels in the tub. LOL
    This is a great recipe; I've used it before. Yummy!

  9. This sounds delicious! That's so nice to have things on hand like that. :)

  10. Great corn memories. And wow what recipe! Happy Anniversary to you. The husband had a good idea!

  11. Marg...I remember cutting corn at you mom's place with my sister Ev in the early 1970's. I also got this delicious recipe for corn from you via my sister but sad to say I lost it. Happy to have it again... ouch........ all those calories but it sure is good. Shirlee Fast

  12. I just got married this October and first we were going to get married on september, but my husband was worried the corn wouldnt be off in time and of course we could not go away on our honeymoon during the harvest!

  13. I tried this recipe a year ago and now that sweet corn is "in season", I will be making this again! It is fantastic! I am in the process of searching for the ultimate corn stripper. Any ideas ladies?

    1. I would suggest the J. B. Lee corn cutter which can be purchased on line. Our kids bought several this year and just love it!

  14. Our children bought the J.B. lee corn cutters to use this year and they thought they were just great!

  15. Years ago I was given a recipe very similar to this, ok for a smaller amount. I had lost the recipe until finding this just now. Thank you so much.


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