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On this Rock I Stand..

Psalm 40:2..'He lifted me out of the mud and mire, He set my feet on a rock.'

I was reminded of this verse a few weeks ago when I stood on this rock that you see in this photo. I thought of how large and solid it was..but nothing compared to the solid rock that Christ is.

This chorus from a well known hymn says it all:
'On Christ the solid Rock I stand; all other ground is sinking sand; all other ground is sinking sand.'


  1. Thanks Betti, my hope is built on the Solid Rock as well. Thank you for sharing today. Kathy

  2. YES !! How beautiful is the solidness of the Rock on Whom we stand !!
    Thank you, Betty!!

  3. I love it. That is so true. It's hard to imagine that.

  4. I can so appreciate this verse, song and illustration. In my line of work I know all too well the consequences of a poor foundation!

  5. From a Mennonite Boy:
    Thank you for posting this wonderful meditation. I love Jesus, too.

  6. Wonderful images of home cooking. Helps me to count the blessings...

  7. My dad,who died a few years ago, used to sing that song a lot. What a beautiful post.

  8. What a precious gift to be lifted out of the mud and mire!

  9. And all God's people said Amen :) Stumbled across this post today and it was a blessing to me.


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