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"Be Still and Know that I Am God"
Ps. 46:10
God does not say, "Be still" from far away lofty heights
but He says "Be still"
to the one He holds in His hand.

"I have covered you with the shadow of My hand"
Is. 51:16
It is hard in our busy, stressful lives, when we are surrounded
by the noisy bustle around us, to stop and hear those
calming words,
"Be still and know that I am God"
The very words themselves speak peace into my soul,
like the calming voice of a mother to her crying child, held close to her breast.
How easy it is to 'be still' when we feel safe
and protected and loved,
that is the place that is ours, in the hollow of His hand.
Are you troubled ?
Are you sorrowing ?
Are you anxious?
Are you overwelmed with busy-ness?
Take time today to find some quiet moments
and a quiet place
where you can listen for and hear
the voice of God,
speaking peace to you alone.
"Father, I pray for every person, whose eyes fall on these words that you would speak to their hearts these words of peace. May they know that you alone are God, that you alone can calm the troubled seas .
May they know the security of your loving Hand today. Amen"


  1. How wonderful this is - perfect. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your post this a good reminder for all of us..

  3. A perfect reminder of just how close God is to us ... not some far away God, looking down on us. How I love close, intimate friendships ... and to think that God would desire that from me is humbling and lovely at the same time! May He be close enough to you today to 'breath on me' as the old hymn says ... I love the thought of Him breathing on us as He whispers in our ear.

  4. Thank you.. the prayer at the end was especially lovely - to know that you took the time to pray for all of your visitors..

  5. I found this so soothing . ..Thank you Julie. . .your heart really is a wonderful mirror of God's care for each of us.

  6. I'm so glad I just had a need to come by your blog today. Must have been God leading me here. Thank you for the prayer. It did soothe my heart.

  7. Thank you for the beautiful prayer..just what my soul needed...

  8. It seems odd to be posting a note on the blog of someone I don't know, but I wanted to say that your note today really touched me. My mom passed away 3 weeks ago, and as I go through the various emotions, and try not to worry about my dad and some "hard to see how this will work out" issues, I have been contemplating verses such as Ps 62:5, (For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him). Verses that encourage me to wait, to be still.

    You can see from the time stamp, that sleep does not come easy these days, so when I came to your website and saw your posting - it just felt like a direct reminder of God's care. I love how He reminds me in such interesting ways that He is with me - even in my sorrow. I long for the security and peace you have prayed for, and thank you for your openness to share.

    PS: I found your website when I was caring for my mom, and was on cooking duty for my dad. I had such a desire to eat the comfort foods of my childhood, and was delighted to find your website when I googled mennonite recipes. I haven't been cooking much since I've come back, but I know that when I do, I'll come back for your recipes - as well as the encouragement.

  9. Good Morning...I stumbled across your blog with great delight. What a beautiful post and so well written. I have always loved that scripture verse...and you've made it even more loved today.

    A friend in Him,


  10. I happened upon the blog and these are the very words I needed to read today. Thanks - they are very important words and need to be put into practice often.

  11. I love this verse and I try to obey the message during my trying days. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post. Today I needed to be reminded of just this very thing.

    I love your blog, too!


  12. I just read your Sunday post today, and I thank you for your tender words. I could just feel the warmth of God's love for me. Kathy


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