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Strawberry Delight

May is the month for fresh strawberries or use up the frozen strawberries in your freezer so that you can freeze some fresh ones again. My mom always taught me to use up the older freezer products before replenishing. I still like to with that motto.
When my family was younger I used to make their favorite dessert.
It is so easy and yet so yummy that everyone will ask for the recipe.
Tonight I served it for my son's birthday and sure enough.
"Can I have the recipe?"
I made up this title, because I do not know the origin of this recipe.

Strawberry Delight

  • One package strawberry jello. (6oz)
  • 2 Cups Whipping Cream or 1 Litre Cool Whip (soften cool whip)
  • Four cups frozen strawberries
  1. Follow directions on packet to dissolve jello. (2 Cups boiling water)
  2. Make sure you stir long enough so that the jello is all dissolved.
  3. Add 4 cups frozen strawberries, make sure they are broken apart. (mine are sliced)
  4. This will make your jello thicken very quickly (5-10 min.) Stir frequently.
  5. Then fold in your whip cream or Cool whip.
  6. I usually pour this into parfait glasses or fruit nappies.
Add frozen strawberries to the hot jello mixture.

Fold in whip cream or Cool Whip

Spoon into dessert nappies and garnish with a fresh strawberry.
And I can promise you that your guests will ask you for the recipe.
It's light, cool, and refreshing especially on a warm evening.


  1. that does look refreshing and delightful to have on a warm evening....i am still waiting for that to happen here.
    if you get this comment, i hope that were ever you are today, it is filled with warmth, and delight so that you are truly filled and refreshed with all of God's goodness for this trip.

  2. Strawberry delight..a great name for this delightful dessert!

  3. Looks good and it's easy as pie to make! Thanks!

  4. I'm in the process of using up what's in my freezer as well. Strawberry jam is my secondary use for the frozen fruit from last summer.
    Thanks for the quick and easy dessert recipe.

  5. so simple, yet so refreshing, lovely!

  6. This sound so good and fun for the little ones, its to bad the strawberries around here so far are almost tasteless, perhaps to much rain. Maybe I will get more farther into the season.

  7. This looks delicious! I too have some frozen berries that need to be used up. Perfect recipe for such a thing. Glad you posted it...thank you.

  8. I Love your blog!!! how wonderful!! everything looks so yummy! I'm going to add myself to your followers and add you to my blog list!! I can't wait to try some of your recipes...nice meeting you! Hugs, Jennifer

  9. That does look "delightful!" Marg, I hope you're having a wonderful vacation, enjoying the beauty, the history and time with friends and family!

  10. Marg. . .I hope you are finding lucsious strawberries in your travels. I bet you will be coming back with lots of recipe ideas for us all. The little parfaits look lovely.. .though I shudder at the reminder of the time I broke about 6 dessert glasses when I tried to transport them to the fridge on a cookie sheet. . .

  11. I think I hear some frozen berries calling me from my my freezer... I'm going to make this right now!

  12. I just made something similar for Mother's Day dessert. Mine was an old, old Jello recipe that uses ice cream instead of the Cool Whip/whipping cream. I put it in an Oreo cookie piecrust, let it set up for a while.....and then yum!

  13. What a pretty tray to pull out on a sunny afternoon on the deck. It would be sure to please the guests. Cool, refreshing, and pretty. Kathy

  14. This is what we used to call a "Bavarian" but it certainly is a delight

  15. How many does this recipe feed?


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