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Blueberry cheesecake

This cheesecake is a must have for our oldest daughter. It has been her choice of desserts since she was a little girl. My Tante Helga introduced us to this velvety smooth mousse type dessert and it comes from our home church cookbook submitted by T. Bergen. (By the way T-your reputation for a wonderful baker is proof in this dessert).

  • 2- 8 oz packages cream cheese
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 TB. lemon juice (fresh is best)
  • 2 tsp. vanilla
  • 1 large tub of cool whip (or equal amounts of whipped cream)
  • 3 cups frozen blueberries
  • or 1 can of blueberry pie filling with a squeeze of fresh lemon to brighten the taste of the pie filling.

  1. One prepared graham wafer crust, either bought or your favorite recipe. (try chocolate wafers as an alternative, it is very nice also). Press into a 9" spring form pan.
  2. With a hand mixer beat cream cheese with sugar.
  3. Add lemon juice and vanilla.
  4. Fold in cool whip until smooth.
  5. Set in fridge for several hours to set.
  6. Top with blueberry pie filling and added berries if you would like as in the above picture. 


  1. Oh wow! *Drools* This looks absolutely delicious!

  2. Sounds wonderful but I think I'm confused....the picture may not be the actual said to fold the blueberries into the cream cheese mixture but that picture makes it look like they're on top only...I don't want to break down the consistency of the cheesecake part with the fruit if it's really not supposed to be "in" it. Sorry if I'm not getting something simple...just don't want a runny mess.

  3. Hey...this looks great. Char...have you found a dairy free cream cheese? Is it a soy cream cheese? I haven't found something like that yet although heaven knows they have made everything else soya by now. Let me know. Thanks. Yep....summer is here....all those splended berry desserts yumyumyum!

  4. I'm going on my coffee break and this is what I want now - you've spoiled me for my healthy snack :o)

  5. This looks fabulous! Glad you mentioned that it's gluten and dairy free....thanks so much for the recipe!

    I have to cook gluten free and have recently found that crushed gluten free cookies make amazing pie crusts!

    For a recipe like this one I would probably use crushed Pamela's shortbread cookies. For a pumpkin cheesecake, crushed gluten free gingersnaps are incredible.

  6. That looks sooooo yummy!! I'm going to have to make that!!! love blueberries....hugs, Jennifer

  7. Anything blueberry is yum and I'm sure this recipe won't disappoint!!

  8. Love cheese blueberries! No splenda or reduced anything for me when it comes to desserts, but those are good tips for those who want to use them. Kathy

  9. Excellent recipe and easy to duplicate gluten free.

  10. This looks remarkably good! Now just one bit of help, please - I've never bought Cool-Whip and I don't know what sort of amount you're referring to here - can you give me some idea? (I'd be using the whipped cream) Thanks.

  11. I made this today and it was wonderful. Everyone bragged on it, I do think next time I would use a little more lemon juice, I just like mine really tangy. I thought maybe for the fourth of July I might make it and put a few sliced strawberries on top for Red White and Blue.

  12. Di, that would be about 4 cups whipped cream......if you find that too generous, it may be less, perhaps 3 cups, but i wouldn't go lower than that since it is meant to be a creamy moussy dessert.

  13. Lisa Handly-Stewart
    We are always glad to here reports on the recipes we post.
    I am so thankful that you all enjoyed it. I agree, more lemon wouldn't hurt and i usually do. this is just a safe amount and personal taste can always be adjusted. thankyou for you kind feed back.

  14. What size pan would you use? Pie or cake pan.

    It looks fabulous!

  15. Mathew and Christie....I am sorry that I forgot to mention what kind of pan.
    I use a 9" spring form pan, but if you don't have one a square pan or pie pan would work as well.
    I ammended the recipe, thanks for pointing that out.

  16. I made it last night. It was a huge hit! I used a 9 X 13 pan. Perfect size. My family voted it a keeper!

  17. What a wonderful, easy blueberry cheesecake. I made it with no important reason in mind, except to spoil my family, who where all here with one exception.I made the base with dark chocolate digestives and a pinch of cinnamon!!It was voted a keeper and disappeared in one short sitting! Thank you so much!


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