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In honour...of Mother's Day

Who inspires you?

I have many people in my life that give me inspiration. . . . .
but today ...
I think of the dear girls that I share this blog with .. .
and the inspiration that they are to me. .

Since this recipe blog began less than a year ago ..
friendships have been formed that are nothing less than God's provision for our souls.

Years ago . . my mom belonged to a group at church called the "Dorcas Ladies Aid".
They would meet once a month . quilt or sew together. . share each others joys and sorrows. . to encourage and challenge each other . . and to look into God's word.

I belong to a group sharing through our computers. . .called "Mennonite Girls Can Cook".
We meet to chat over our computers. . .here and there through out the week.
You, see the part. . .where we meet to share our recipes. . . but far more than that. .
behind the scenes we have found a safe place to share our hearts with one another.

When one of us has a need. . .we hold them before our Heavenly Father in prayer. .
When one of us. .needs a bit of love. . .we all ((((hug)))).
When one of us needs courage to carry on. . . we all cheer!!
When one needs a bit of advice. . .we offer bits of our own experiences that are tried and true.

Besides being friends. . .these girls are all mothers.
We are all either in process of emptying our nests. . .or we are empty nesters.
Between us we have about 320 years of mothering.

Each of us are our husband's wife. . our children's mom. . .and our parents daughter.

The recipes that we share with you have all been made. . .
not for earthly financial gain. . .
but out of love. . .
for family and friends .

Often the recipes have been quickly put together. . .
camera in one hand. . . phone in the other. .
inviting our children, parents. . .friends. . . and sometimes new friends over to help eat our wares.

Time and time again. . .
I have been amazed at the kindness that each "girl" has for her family.
The love for her husband. . . her children. . grandchildren.. . . and her parents is evident by the quick adjustments and allowances she makes each day to meet all the needs around her.

Each girl is purposing to pass what she knows. . .down the line. .
to the next generation. . . and also to you.

There was a time. . that when sharing a recipe that was a bit tricky. . .
many homemakers were reticent to tell all. . .keeping back little tricks big tricks. . .keeping it their special secret in the kitchen.

We all have an opportunity to leave a legacy in one way or another don't we?
I feel blessed to be a witness to something very special happening here on this blog.

There is no selfishness shown here. . .
only a joy in giving. . .and sharing. . .and a hope that young cooks. . will learn something worth passing on to their own families.

It is evident. . .that each girl that has contributed to this blog has a gift of hospitality. . .
a heart to bless others. .
and a desire to give and receive love.

(click on the photo to enlarge it)

When I asked the girls to send me photos of their mom and mom in law so that we could honour them. .
they were quick to respond and willing to share.

Many of the photos were sent with a longing heart. . .to see their mom again.
Most of the pictures sent to me. . .were accompanied by loving words of honour, respect and sentiment by a daughter who has been loved by beautiful women.

Often when we prepare the recipes. . .that our mom once made.. .
our memories are heightened by the aromas that we associate with being in mom's kitchen.

The moms we still have with us are cherished. . and honoured today. .
The moms we miss will forever now hold a special spot here in the recipes that live on.

To the girls that I am honoured to share this blog with. .
I say . . .well done . . .
I am so inspired by each one of you.

Your commitment to put your families first in your lives. . .
is a legacy that will not be overlooked.
I am certain. . that if I had called up the children of these girls. .they would all agree that they have amazing and loving moms. . .I'm sure of it.

I have often said. . that I love it when God plants an idea in our hearts. .
run with it. . . something extraordinary is about to happnen.
May we continue to honour our Heavenly Father in our homes with our gifts of hospitality. .
and on this blog.

Happy Mother's Day to you all!
All for now. . . with love,


  1. What a beautiful photo tribute! Thank you for sharing it.

  2. impressive photo tribute! Keep the Good work

  3. Thank you Lovella! This is a beautiful post and I'm humbled to be a part of this blog and all these great cooks!

  4. Ah, Lovella...what a nice Mother's Day post!

    Thanks for being the organizing force behind our blog...for bringing us together and facilitating our 'little club'...which is about so much more than cooking.

    And to all of you...have a wonderful day as a mother...or daughter!

  5. Thank-you, Lovella... you couldn't have done it more beautifully!!
    You spoke for all of us that are privileged to share this blog with you!
    Happy Mother's Day - may God bless your day- no matter how you celebrate it!

  6. What a wonderful post. Thank you very much. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Lovella(((())))to you.
    thankyou for this amazing yet humbling tribute to us and mostly our mothers.
    may the generations of the past, now and the future benefit from our love, our home cookin' & hospitality,but mostly our rich and abundant heritage of our faith in God.
    Their is nothing greater then leaving that kind of legacy.
    Happy Mother"s Day to all of you!
    Love you all MGCC sisters!

  8. Lovella, Thanks for the work you did to put this post together in honor of our mothers and mother-in-laws. We do have a unique and special thing going here. I have been so blessed and encouraged in being a part of this group. My Mom passed away in 2005 but today I remember her with love. My mother in law is still here and we enjoy many good times together. To all 'my girls' from MGCC God bless you today. Keep serving your families with joy! Happy mothers Day! Love Kathy

  9. Beautiful tribute and beautiful photos. Wishing you all a wonderful Mother's Day!!


  10. This is trully beautiful... Please pray for the reconsilliation between my own dear mother and myself. I do miss her.
    Happy Mothers Day Ladies.

  11. Thank you Lovella - today is a poignant one for me, as the last time I saw my Mom was 1 year ago on Mother's Day. As you know she passed away suddenly the following week. I'm feeling a little lost today but your post has definately brightened the day for me. The friendships formed on this blog are very precious to us all.

  12. Lovella, I'm sitting here this morning, reading this with my hubby, and even he got choked up. I don't know how I got to belong to this group, but I now see that God saw a need I had, and met it in a way I never would have imagined. I think we are finding out that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Isn't that what motherhood is about? In the end we are the ones being blessed. My heart goes out to those who are missing their mom today. May God hear even your unspoken prayers and bless you in this coming year.

  13. Wow. This is so good. Isn't it amazing what the good Lord uses for us to share our lives...even a blog. Thank you for sharing with us. Happy Mothers Day!

  14. Oh Lovella, this is the best post this blog has ever had....a recipe for Love, for for Friendship, for Giving, for Sharing and for Motherhood, it has it all.I am sure there are many readers who do not have their mothers this year...I share their grief. This blog has been a 'home' for many a mother and daughter, son or father who has stopped by...a sense of home...and our mother's were always the center of that home. That is why this place works here...because it is the home values of the 'open kitchen and open arms' that our/your mother's taught you that you are able to so freely share in this special place. I feel too for those who do not have a relationship with their mother.....and we pray that they may find that connection once again. We do not know the future, we are not in control of how much time we have here and a mother's love...a child's love can heal all things. What a blessing to go forward in life when there is peace, even after their passing. Okay, I waxed on too long here....Happy Mother's Day all.... One thing that binds us our mothers.

  15. Lovella..what a heartwarming tribute to our Moms and to us MGCC! I love all the pics esp the one of our Moms!! I thank you for following your heart and starting this blog. It's been an amazing year. I pray that we truly will be women 'seeking after the heart of God' in sharing with each other and others on this blog. We have such a great bond and I esp have been blessed by praying for each other.
    Happy Mother's Day gals!

  16. Thank you for sharing this and lifting up all those Moms out here! As a young Mom, thank you for sharing your recipes and tricks...they are much appreciated!
    Blessings on this Mother's Day to you all!

  17. Lovella, these words touch my heart. This blog is a must stop for me every day and though I don't often comment, the recipes shared here have helped make my table a nicer place to be seated. Thanks to all of you and you've done your mothers proud. I hope that you're all having a beautiful Mother's Day!

  18. I read your wonderful blog often...not only for the delicious recipes but also for the warm feeling it excudes.Your Mother's Day tribute was so inspirational.
    Even though I am a day late in reading it this time...I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day and to say thank you for sharing your recipes and sentiments.

  19. Thanks so much for zour words of kindness to our mothers...
    It could not of been said anz better...
    What a tribute and mz prazer is that we can continue that legacz..
    The y is exchanged for z in this computer and I give up...


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