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Anneliese's Black Forest Birthday Cake Gluten-free

Carrie, one of the commentors to Anneliese's Black Forrest Birthday Cake asked about a Gluten-free version.

I took one look at the photo as well.. and thought it was one of the most beautiful cakes I had ever seen !

To all you fellow Celiacs... this one is as easy as pie ! oops , I mean 'cake'.

There are some really good gluten-free cake mixes on the market. Try a couple of the chocolate ones to see which one you prefer and then use it instead of the regular cake mix Anneliese called for.

The rest of the recipe can be followed exactly since nothing else has gluten in it !!


  1. It says page not found when I click on it

  2. the link in your post goes to but it should go to ... there is an extra r in forest :)

    BTW this cake looks delish, and I really want to try it!!

  3. I've never tried any gluten-free cake mixes. Are they worth the $5-6/box? I do have a great gf chocolate cake recipe on my blog though, no trouble doing layered cakes with that one. It's a white cake I can't find a good recipe for.

  4. Ok, I made this cake(the regular recipe) for my son and husbands bithday and it was the hit of the party. I got lots of oohs and aahhs from it. Thanks for sharing such wonderful recipes. Her is my post


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