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JOY Veggie Tray

It's that time of year and we all tend to be scrambling to bring a veggie tray.  Here you go. Something simple yet filled with JOY!   During Advent Season we always invite the family for a simple traditional meal of meat and buns, mandarin oranges, and Pheffernusse while we light the candles. Tara brought her famous veggie tray and I appreciate how she arranged her tray to celebrate the Advent Season of Joy.  Our idea around this is to help the family think about the real meaning of Christmas rather than exhausting their energy on things that distract them.
You too,  can make this tray and make sure you have some colorful red and white veggies so that the word JOY stands out. 


  1. Love that! That's the name of our Sunday School class--we're a bunch of old folks and J.O.Y. stands for Just Older Youth (HA)!! I've always loved that especially now as each year we feel less and less like youth. LOL

  2. What a great and simple idea! Would have been a fun twist on my most recent potluck veggie tray contribution. Will definitely keep it in mind for next year.


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