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Sponsors ~ Tracycakes & Wesley Ellen Kitchens.

Today we are excited to share the story of Tracycakes.
Have you had your cupcake today?

"Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to cook and bake for her family and friends. The little girl grew into a young woman, got married, and had three lovely children of her own. She still loved to cook and bake for her little family and their friends. Years passed and her family had grown. So the woman began to dream. She dreamt of cupcakes and homemade goodness. She dreamt of offering a beautiful place in which people could connect with their families and friends—a place where, through warm smiles and delicious food, she could make a difference in peoples’ lives. And she dreamt that those people would then go out and pass those warm smiles on."

In 2006 Tracy Dueck took one big step and opened up her first bakery cafe and called it Tracycakes, where you can purchase buns and breads, sweets and treats, and gluten free products.  Now with two locations—and the help of her two lovely daughters and a dedicated Tracycakes team—she continues to offer a soft place to land, where guests are greeted with a warm welcome and a delicious meal or signature treat.

If' you've never been to Tracycakes it's that perfect little place where you can bring your special friends. Just walk in...order yourself a cupcake and savor the smells of fresh coffee and baking just like your mom.  Better yet, take the time to connect with someone special at one of  Tracycakes locations. 

Tracey's blog truly reflects who she is.  She also has a flair for writing and sharing her thoughts as to what is most important in her life, her family.
We at MGCC place want to thank you Tracy for sponsoring World Vision, another organization which feeds the hungry people around the world.  So remember next time, stop in and say hello and make this world a better place by  ordering yourself, one cupcake at a time.

simply beautiful kitchens 

It's a pleasure to acknowledge another one of our sponsors today, Ron and Marilyn Isaac of Wesley Ellen design and millwork. Wesley Ellen's website is like opening a beautiful magazine. Take some time to browse through their site and read how Ron and Marilyn's Mennonite roots helped to instill in them a passion for beautiful craftsmanship. They know how to create authentic traditional beauty whether it be in quilt making,  furniture and cabinet making or traditional timber framing.

 When you visit their showroom  you will be visiting part of their story; a timber-framed home they built twenty years ago using authentic traditional mortice and tenon joinery; the cabinetry is traditional face-framed with inset doors; and here and there throughout the home you will see one of Marilyn's handmade quilts.  Do you still need more ideas?  Check out their Pinterest Page
They have truly chosen to work with their clients to create wonderful spaces for their families, friends and themselves.

"If you found this site because you saw a blue ’52 Chevy pick-up with a Simply Beautiful Kitchens sign on it, then you’ve seen me. I carry a display in the pickup box and in good weather I take it to appointments in the big city." (Ron)
Ron and Marilyn truly practice "old fashioned" professionalism believing in "old fashioned" quality.

We want to thank you for your ongoing support to Matthew's House in Abbotsford BC, helping to make this dream a reality and blessing for families in need of respite care for their children.
Thank you Ron and Marilyn for partnering with us through your generous giving.

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