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Sponsor Appreciation

We have chosen the month of Febrary to show appreciation to our blog sponsors.  Our sponsors have donated to many worthwhile causes here at home and overseas. We appreciate their generosity towards our projects in the Ukraine and Africa. Each Monday in February we will be highlighting our blog sponsors to show our thanks to them for partnering with our organization.

"Because We Care"

Neufeld Farms is a local family operated business which has flourished in the Fraser Valley. Dan and Audrey Neufeld tell it 'just how it' was when they first started their dream.
This farming business started in 1966 when the Neufelds took a risk and purchased 20 acres. Who would have known that they would become so successful.
In fact, they first started selling produce from under a tree on a picnic table in the back yard.  The sign nailed on the tree said, "HONK FOR SERVICE". They purchased more land in 1980 and here they are today, a successful entrepreneurial business serving the community. They have worked from their one bay garage in their home to their newly developed facility, and have continued to move forward with additions and renovations on their property to stay on the cutting edge of farming. You can read more about their families' beginnings right here.

Neufeld Farms truly does care and they treat their customers in a friendly 'down to earth' fashion.  You can feel it the minute you walk in their shop.  Their friendly faces, wooden floors and brick walls are all part of the experience of shopping at Neufelds.

You'll want to check out their berry farm, one of their more recent projects. Handpicked seasonal berries are waiting for you to take home and enjoy. The Berry Barn is open year round for your fruit and vegetable needs. And don’t forget to grab your eggs, bread and dairy for the week! Take a tour of their farm.
Neufeld's is a flourishing business and we encourage you to pop by, tour the farm, learn about their foods and meet their family.  

"Fresh From Our Farm to Your Plate"

Lepp Farms is nestled between the snow capped mountains along the Abbotsford Mission highway. (Highway 11) You'll receive a warm welcome at Lepp's market and get great service from their friendly and knowledgeable staff.
It truly has been a pleasure working alongside Rob and Charlotte Lepp.  They were both raised on farms in the Fraser Valley. Rob says, "When it's in your DNA and in your blood, the pull is strong."
The Lepp Farm property was purchased in 1948.  Lepp Farm Market is the fulfillment of Rob's passion for farming and a long-held dream of being able to continue the tradition of a family-run business. Rob's wife Charlotte, is passionate about the business, enjoys cooking and all-around foodies. She has been active in the family farm from raising hogs farrow-to-finish, beef cattle and seasonal crops.  Their dream to provide the valley with fresh produce took place when the first sod was turned in May 2009.
Treat yourself by browsing their photo gallery. As you walk through those photos you will identify and understand their business motto, "Fresh From Our Farm to Your Plate".

You will fall in love with Char the minute you meet her.  She is warm, friendly and you know that she is passionate about food and family. As a young girl she would gather eggs with a little pink wagon. Later as she grew older, she sold pumpkins to local grocery stores and pushed wheelbarrows of fresh corn. Her passion for food led her to develop cooking classes at Lepp Farms. We were delighted to accept the offer to teach cooking classes in their facilities, featuring our favourite heritage foods. 

Here's Charlotte in action, giving last minute instructions before one of our classes. In December we demonstrated an assortment of traditional Christmas cookies. One of the highlights from our experience is that Lepp Farms donate all proceeds from our cooking classes to help build, furnish and equip the kitchen at Matthew's House,  Matthew's House is a home away from home, dedicated to caring for children who live with complex health care needs. This month we have been invited to tour this new facility and are looking forward to our visit.

If you are interested in one of our cooking classes, you can register on line. Reserve your spot now.

One can truly appreciate the hard work ethic that both markets have demonstrated and understand that there are seasons that are more bountiful than other times. Farming comes with early mornings, and these farmers find freshness in the day that comes from fresh food and happy animals. Most of us enjoy knowing where our food comes from, and we want to thank Lepp Farms and Neufeld Farms for being on the cutting edge of fulfilling the home-grown market.
Both markets are committed to bringing out the best locally home-grown meats, produce and gourmet products all in one family-run shop. They have also adopted the 100 Mile Diet, and its common-sense approach. Buy Local. Eat Natural.

Thank you Dan and Audrey and Rob and Charlotte for your support. Your generosity through giving is making a difference for many. We appreciate you and wish you every success in your businesses.


  1. Every time I read this blog, and see those ads from these farms, I wish I lived within driving distance of them! Thanks for the lovely visit to these farms.

  2. Those are some "hard working" folks!!! They have picked a great blog to sponsor, in my opinion :). Thanks Marg for this informative post on healthy fresh food!

  3. Because of this blog I actually did visit the Lepp farm market last fall when I visited. It was a great experience! Will definitely go again when I visit and hope to try the Nuefeld farm as well!


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