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Sponsor Appreciation - Winks Home Garden Gifts and Grand Pappy's

Winks Home Garden and Gifts is a beautiful store located in Chilliwack BC.

Wendy (Winks) and Dave Murray are the owners of Winks. They have a heart for local and overseas missions, especially Romania where they have gone many times. When our first cookbook came out they were one of the first to ask if they could sell our book at Winks, and they personally committed to giving 100% of their profits from sales to helping those in need. They hosted an open house book signing in 2011 when our first cookbook launched.
Spring of 2013 our second cookbook 'Celebrations'  launched, and Winks once again hosted a most lovely garden party style book signing in the stores courtyard. Winks and her staff pulled out all the stops to decorate the courtyard in purples, lavender and greens. Table cloths and hanging baskets, pots overflowing with spring blooms, pretty cupcakes, a violinist. Customers came and we thoroughly enjoyed our time of being pampered guests. 

At Winks, you will always receive a warm welcome.
Walking in the door you will find soft fragrances, quiet music, and a place where you can relax and browse or shop to your hearts content.
Winks carries Sophie Conran tableware, home decor, linens, wall art, candles, soaps, jewellery, napkins, cards, inspirational books, and both of our cookbooks.
Winks has a bridal registry where each bride is given a personal appointment.
The baby loft at Winks is filled with sweet things for the special little one.
Complimentary gift wrapping is one of Winks signature touches.

Thank you Winks and Dave for your ongoing support to MGCC through your generous giving to help so many in need.

make it beautiful....

Grand Pappy's Furniture

Grand Pappy's is another one of our sponsors who gives back to their community. Jim and Bev Grant moved from the prairies in 1977 in search for warmer climate. Their 'pioneering spirit' led them to the south, while their parents stayed in the north. They both had good careers, cut decided they wanted to become self-employed and own their own business. In 1977 they purchased Grand Pappy's which is a local retail store carrying appliances, furniture, carpets, and home decor that provides that extra personal touch. In 2006, their daughter, Brandy decided to take over her parents' business. Brandy and Matt come to us with an entrepreneurial spirit, and have a strong respect for their parents and grandparents, who laid down a 'strong roots' foundation. Matt and Brandy have a heart to share their book profits with our local community, Ruth and Naomi's, where they help serve and meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our local community.
Brandy recounts how when she was a small girl, her parents brought her to work every day. She slept and played in a playpen. In her toddler years, her parents gave her and her sister, rags and she remembers dusting the legs of chairs and tables. Later, in her teen years she was given the responsibility of sales and merchandising. 

Today when you walk into their store you will feel the warmth of her energetic personality. Grand Pappy's is there to serve the customer. She wants to listen to the story of her client's lives. their goal is to understand the customer, envision their lifestyle and see how they can best utilize their space with the decor best suited for their lifestyle.
Forget the matchy-match look. Decorating a room with different furniture styles, colors and patterns is fashionable, fresh and trendy, but it can also be hard to pull off. Brandy would be more than happy to share her expert tricks with you for mixing antique, modern and traditional design so that your space looks considered, rather than chaotic. 
We really want to thank Grand Pappy's for supporting our cause. We were more than delighted when they hosted us for a book signing with when our first cookbook launched. None of us will forget the time when Betty (not wearing her apron) unexpectedly walked into Grand Pappy's for this signing. She is one of 'us girls' from Winnipeg, She and her husband were coming to BC for the book launch and she spotted Grand Pappy's from the freeway. Hoping we were still there, she and John pulled off the freeways and found us. 
If you're driving through Chilliwack Grand Pappy's is easy to find. Check out this family business and tell them we sent you!

Thank you Matt and Brandy for supporting Mennonite Girls Can Cook and generously giving to those in need. We appreciate you!


  1. A wonderful review of Winks and Grand Pappys Kathy!!! I am sipping my morning coffee from that beautiful mug you gifted me from Winks. I think it's so great that you MGCC ladies have such wonderful sponsors that you obviously really appreciate! Community at its best!

    1. Rosella, it was so nice to meet you at Winks one day last summer, a short but sweet visit. Next time we'll have to take in Grand Pappy's too.

  2. What a beautiful garden and shop. So inspirational. I want to sit down hand have a cup of whatever Winks is serving. She looks like a friend. Isn't it funny how you can tell by looking at someone if they would be friendly or not?

  3. Big Group hug from all of us at Winks! What a delightful journey to be a part of! Thank you for the honor of being much more than selling a cookbook. Our third trip to Romania is in the works for July this year. The loaves and fishes story....once again.

    We couldn't be Winks without the amazing team of women who make up Winks. Each one brings their time, talent ,energy and creative side to Winks.
    They have each embraced the true meaning of paying it forward. My cup is overflowing. have a special place in our hearts....have to say this! You always bring your best to everything you do. Coffee breaks take on a whole new meaning at Winks when you're here! The fresh baked cinnamon buns,date cookies, chocolate chip cookies,jams, new breads etc. etc. We love being your taste testers! Bring it on! Those beautiful words" oh I'm just trying a little something new....what do you think?" Love you my friend!

    So with our spatula's raised....we say thank you.
    make it beautiful...
    Winks,Annie,Nikcole,LeeAnn,Lane,Jane and Ann


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