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Saturday in Lovella's Kitchen ~ Waffled Hashbrown Patties

I saw this similar idea all over Pinterest using Tater Tots.
I didn't have any of those...
but had some Hashbrown Patties in my freezer.

I turned my waffle iron on to medium high and allowed the Hashbrown Patties to slightly thaw.
Once the waffle iron was hot I sprayed it with cooking spray and placed the patties and pressed the lid down and waited 10 minutes. I then gently lifted the lid to be sure that the waffled hashbrowns were crisp and browned.

It may take you a few times to figure out how long it takes with your waffle iron...
but once you do...
hot crispy waffled Hashbrowns.
Easy peasy...
nice and easy!

Pass the ketchup please!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Hey - that's a great idea! Saves turning on the oven and I like how they look. Thanks for sharing this tip.

  2. Wonderful idea...they look so pretty, too. It may be time to invest in a waffle iron.

  3. What a great simple idea. A few years ago I invested in one of those Belgin waffle makers where the griddle flips upside-down and it makes best waffles., but I only used it a handful of times a year. last week I started to think of what else could it be used to cook. It gave a new look to slices of French Toast that came out crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked. Now you have given me another idea worth getting it out of the pantry. The high temp of the waffle maker is just right for making crispy hashbrowns. Aside from how delicious they are, I think my favorite part is that there is no splatter on the stove to clean & no pan to wash. Thanks for another keeper.

  4. This could be a great reason for buying a waffle iron. I can just imagine all those little squares filling up with butter and gravy too.

    Nom nom.


  5. I got a new waffle maker that I haven't used yet, this is going to be the first thing I try.


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