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Bread For The Journey

God's Word, the scriptures, are never a 'quick read'.  
There is always a message that becomes clear only with a thoughtful consideration of a text. 
God so desires that we know Him, 
and His character is revealed in so many ways as we search out His messages to us, 
recorded  in the book we call The Bible.  
I recently read the following verse from Song of Solomon.   

   The flowers appear on the earth; 
The time of singing has come, 
And the voice of the turtle dove 
Is heard in our land. 
Song of Songs 2:12
As I thought about these words, wondering what wild flowers had to do with turtle doves,
 one word came to mind. 


Every spring, out of a ground left dormant through a harsh winter, 
the flowers burst forth, fresh and beautiful,  awoken out of a sweet sleep. 
And the turtle doves ?   
The turtle doves, who mate for life,  have become the emblem for love and faithfulness , 
inspiring poets and musicians.  
What convincing evidence God has put into His creation to portray His faithfulness to us.!
His faithfulness to fulfil every promise He made to us can be counted on,  
as surely as we take for granted that the wild flowers will bloom in spring 
the turtle dove will never tire of cooing his love song to his mate. 


  1. I love your insight on this beautiful scripture. It illustrates how to really feast on His Word. Thank you for sharing. - Suzanne

  2. I'll be thinking on God's faithfulness today. Thank you for reminding me to take time as I read God's word.

  3. Again I am reminded of God's faithfulness! I'm still singing 'Faithful Father'...the song that was posted last Sunday.

  4. Every winter I notice the lilacs and our cherry tree that set on the buds for the next Spring. The promise of what is to come. God does hold treasures for us. We may not see them but He is faithful to bring good things into our lives. I would love to have that flower in the top left of your, that is fun!


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