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Bev's Kitchen Reno Update

Back in February, I posted that we were beginning kitchen renovations. 
 My old Kitchen looked like this:

My wishlist included an island, a window seat and double wall ovens. That required moving the wall between the laundry and kitchen.  We had to start somewhere so Harv removed the desk and started punching holes. 

Our niece, Monica works for a cabinet maker so Harv enlisted her help to remove the cabinets. 
 They hung a few of them in the garage for extra storage during the reno.
After the demolition of the old space, this is how the kitchen looked: - you'll note that wall between the kitchen and hall is gone! 

The door to the garage was moved over into the laundry room.    

Before long the kitchen was a jumble of wires, tools, and lumber.

We widened the doorway from the front hall to make for a more open feeling.

A friend helped me choose colours and finishes.

 After several weeks of work the painters came in and shortly after that the flooring was laid.

This is the interior of my new walk-in pantry which is conveniently located in the corner between the stovetop and the fridge.
Then it was time to lay out the boxes for the cabinets. 
It got more exciting each day as we watched the kitchen take shape.

It was hard to wait as the cabinet installer painstakingly fitted each cabinet into place.

One of the most exciting days was when the quartz countertops were installed. The sinks were the last to go in and as it is pretty hard to cook without a water source, I had to wait.  I'd been pretty patient until then, knowing that all good things take time but that last week was the hardest. 
 I could hardly wait to start stocking my new space.

My pantry, seen on the right, is L- shaped and the appliance garage seen below the dark cabinet on the right has a door which slides up and down by pushing a button under the upper cabinet.  My clever husband came up with the idea.  When the appliance door is down you'll not know it is there as it will match the rest of the backsplash.

Coming in the front hall, this is the view now.

Isn't this an amazing pantry? The picture on the left shows how the countertop extends into the appliance garage.  Below you can see the huge drawers for storing my pots and dishes and the little side cabinets are perfect for items like oil, baking soda, vinegar, vanilla and salt and pepper.

 This view is looking towards the front hall.  The display cabinet above the table is another one of my husband's great ideas.  A perfect place to display the platter my sister in law gave me as well as a certain cookbook that is very meaningful to me!

So here is the almost finished kitchen.  We still have to get the upholstery done on the window seat and choose a backsplash and there is a bit of trim and electrical that needs to be completed. 
 That will all happen in the next while but in the meantime 
I am delighted with my new kitchen.  
We were so  fortunate to have had excellent tradespeople for the whole project and are grateful for their dedication to excellence. It's given us a gorgeous space.

So now you can picture me in my kitchen as I cook for family and friends
.(Be assured though, it will be a bit messier once I get cooking!)


  1. Wow, it's beautiful! Simply beautiful!

  2. Very nice, there's nothing like a new kitchen.
    A walk-in pantry is my house.

  3. wow I cam to your site to find a slow cooker bean recipe and saw your construction here,so beautiful!!!!Now to find the recipe!

  4. Wow!! Simply beautiful!!!!!

  5. What a beautiful transformation. I bet you are really enjoying using your new space.

  6. Wow, what a great new space. I hope you have many happy years cooking there.

  7. What a total transformation. Your pantry is my favorite thing !!

  8. What a thoughtfully laid out kitchen and it's all very beautiful and practical. I love the wider entrance door to be able to frame the new beautiful view of your modern kitchen. Gorgeous and enjoy!

  9. I love it Bev! All that great thought out space is a dream!!

  10. A dream kitchen to be sure, Bev! I love it! Especially the little button to open the appliance garage !
    And I always love to see a 'before' and 'after' - thank you !!

  11. I have been expecting the reveal .... and lovely it is! ....... Shirlee

  12. Just beautiful - you know I love the two white and dark chocolate look and the little stove side drawers are the best! Can't wait to see it in person. So happy for you to finally have such a beautiful kitchen to be creative in!!!

  13. Bev, I love how you can change accent colors for each season and the pantry....oh that is so fantastic. Two ovens and a custom designed kitchen. You surely have waited a long time for the kitchen of your happy for you. Thanks for posting the photos!

  14. What a marvelous family project! Congratulations on all the lovely design details. I hope you enjoy countless hours in your new kitchen :)

  15. It's beautiful Bev!! You are going to LOVE this new space. So great that you could add all the little personal touches and features. We redid our old farm kitchen 10 years ago and I still am so thankful for it!

  16. Sharing in your joy, Bev! You have so many great features in your new kitchen...and it looks awesome. Enjoy!

  17. Congrats on your new kitchen!!! It is lovely & practical. My hubby put in my new kitchen 2 yrs ago. My hubby, like yours did a great job. Enjoy & happy cooking.
    God Bless

  18. Bev, when I think of how you love to be in the kitchen, I am so happy for you to have one as this, customized to suit your needs. What I love most is how you could widen it by taking out the hallway. I know many will continue be blessed around your table . . . it's not about the kind of kitchen you have . . . you have shown that... but now I wish you many years of enjoyment here.

  19. I think we are waiting for the next party to happen...and guess who will be hosting. Looking forward to visiting and seeing all the detailed plans that have gone into your planning. I'm sure there will be many happy moments around the island.

  20. You have had an open door to many people over the years and your kitchen is where you have spent countless hours preparing and also sharing times with anyone who walks in. Thanks for sharing your 'wish' kitchen here, and I know you will bless many as you work in your beautiful new space. I know it will be a place where many will meet, laugh and share life. How nice to have all that dust swept up and to enjoy. Don't forget to cook a meal now and again in her little camper:)

  21. Great reno, so well laid out with lots of storage, you will have fun cooking in this one.

  22. How nice for you to have such a pretty new kitchen. A good cook certainly deserves to have a pleasant work space. Love, love, love the pantry!

  23. What a beautiful new kitchen you have to be so happy with the outcome is just so nicely laid out happy cooking Debbie Kelly

  24. Gorgeous Bev - how wonderful for you!! And I thought you had a great kitchen to begin with! That tells you how much I know about working in a kitchen! Can't wait to see it for real!

  25. Just wondering what are the before and after measurements of the kitchen..

    1. My kitchen is now 4 feet wider than it was before.
      The finished dimensions from wall to wall are 10'5"from the wall at the sink to the Pantry door) and 14'2" wide (from sink wall to the wall behind the fridge) and 21'2" lengthwise.


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