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Saturday in Lovella's Kitchen

This really should be called Friday in Lovella's kitchen because I took these photos yesterday.
Are you all testing out the lemons and oranges at your favorite market to find the juiciest and the least seeded ones?
Every year I look for the ones that I like best and then buy enough to get me through the Easter season.

If you haven't started making Paska yet,
this coming week is as good a time as any to get thinking about it.
We are so excited to be doing a Easter meal at Lepp Farm Market again this year.
This is the third year we are not only demonstrating how to make Paska but also demonstrating Creamy Homemade Scalloped Potatoes, Plumi Moos, serving up fresh dressing Coleslaw and also Lepp Farm Market Ham which all of us just think is the best.

The class is filling up quickly so if you want to come do call them today to reserve your spot.
Here is the link to the class information.

Here are a few photos of the beautiful produce and us getting ready...
from our past classes.

As always...the proceeds from the class will help equip the kitchen at  Matthew's House.
Call a friend and invite her to join you...
and we'll see you there! 

Once your Paska is in the bowl rising...
you have time to tidy your space and pull out a few Easter decorations.

Thank you dear ones for popping by my bungalow  this Saturday.
Before you go...


  1. Oh yes! I will be making Paska very soon. Love that beautiful pile of lemon and oranges on your island. Perfect!

  2. Searching for a Paska recipe is what lead me to your wonderful blog!!!!!! It's one of the best things that's ever happened to me. Will definitely be making paska next week! I wish I could come to your class at Lepps - sounds wonderful! You have a beautiful kitchen and home Lovella. Have a great week!

  3. I love your recipes, but why can't we pin them anymore?

    1. Do you have a pin button installed on your bookmark bar? The pinterest site explains how you can do this so that you can pin anything you see yourself. I had to remove the pin button after people seemed to be having trouble with some of our posts. I will try to put it back into the posts again. We are not terribly techy sorry.

  4. I've signed up for the Paska class along with my mom and niece. Instead of buying my mom a birthday gift this year, I wanted to spend time with her, we both love baking, so this was an obvious choice. We can't wait!

    1. Caroline! Thank you so much for signing up and bringing your mom and niece with you. Do make sure you come and say hi to us and introduce yourself. Sometimes we are in a flurry and don't get around to talking to each guest.

  5. I wish I lived closer I would love to come to the class and learn how to make Paska

  6. Oh my WORD if I could, I would come to all your classes and become a much, much better cook! Dreaming...

  7. Oh, thank you so much for the reminder! We are trying to finish up building a house (on our own) and pack up this one but I MUST make this Paska for Easter. Ever since I found this recipe a few years ago, it is the absolute best and I so love making it. The only question is: which kitchen will I make it in - the "old" house or the new one?

  8. I wish so much that I could come to your paska class, but since I can't, maybe I should have my own class in my own kitchen? Might be fun!

  9. just wondering : how many loaves does this recipe make?

    1. It makes 4 large loaves or 5 slightly smaller ones.


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