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Saturday in Charlotte's Kitchen

For many many years when our kids had Volleyball Tournaments, we as parents often provided countless pots of hot soups and chili's to the teams during game breaks.
How do you get hot soups and chili to the place of destination without spilling all over the car? Here is what I learned observing what other people did.
Brilliant! Now why didn't I think of that!

Two wide elastic bands are the secret to holding the lids in place. I used the elastics that are wrapped around fresh broccoli.
Cover the slow cooker first with a layer of plastic wrap followed by a layer of foil. It really cuts down on spilling when you drive along a bumpy road.

Loop first elastic over the lid knob and the handle. Take the second elastic and place over the knob and opposite handle.
If you don't have a knob just loop together two elastics and attach it to the handles.
Place the pot in a towel lined box and use extra towels on the sides to secure it from sliding around in the box to reduce the chance of tipping.
Eezy peezy. 


  1. i hope i can rig this up on my 52 qt pot. s pilled soup all over the back of my car yesterday! thanks for the tip!

  2. Great tip Charlotte!!! I've done the plastic and foil wrap but not the securing the lid trick! Have a great day!

  3. Very clever!

    Luckily I have one of those stay or go crock pots with the latches.

  4. If you have a spare laundry basket or cardboard box, an extra layer of stability is to line the box/basket with an old towel and snuggle the crockpot in for the ride. We've found it really does minimize the jostling and risk of leaking or, worse, spilling chili all over the place.

  5. Love your ideas! I also take a lot of chili and soups to church and friends and family. I use the plastic and foil but never thought of the elastics! I also bought a cheap kitty litter pan to be used only for transporting food,line it with a towel or two, and any leaks go into the towel or pan. I rarely get leaks if the crock pot or dish is stabilized.

  6. Brilliant....this trick would have saved me many a splash here and there while transporting food. I've got a delivery to make today.....I'll be securing the lid:)

  7. Pot of chili in back of car + icy roads = a frozen chili mess later. Don't ask me how I know this kind of math.

  8. How simple but effective. I often transport gravy in my crockpots and am always paranoid about spillage, that's why I use my husband's truck!!!! Angharad

  9. genious!!! what a great idea - thank you so much for sharing it!

  10. I've been doing the elastic trick for years. I'll add the foil now. Thanks for the tips! Love the Saturdays in the kitchens.

  11. I have Done this Elastic trick For Years. That works until a Pot Slides over, OH MY what a MESS.
    I Need to Learn How to Transport a Pot and have it Ride without SLIDING, That is my issue.
    I lost an entire Big Batch of Chili that Accidentally Slid over. What a MESS I have on the Floor of the Car. Plus No Chili for the Dinner.

  12. The rubber band idea is a great one and also use a old box lined with newspaper or put pot down into a paper bag, surrond with more papers or a towel or blanket this will work as a insulator to keep things at a good degree if kept covered. M.D.


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