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Saturday in Anneliese's Kitchen

At our house special occasions are a good reason to make sugar cookies.
So, while Natalie and I were each rolling out our doughs, I chose my cutters . . . a baby chick, a bunny and a tulip cutter. They looked like they would be easiest to decorate and . . . they had no long skinny necks that would easily break.
Noticing that I had left out the church. My not quite seven-year-old granddaughter chided me with,
"But Mimi! Easter is about Jesus, It's not just about fun things!"
So, even though my cookies are decorated and packed away . . .
some given away . . .
 her words are still ringing in my head.
Easter is about Jesus!


  1. Absolutely adorable. Delicious too.

    Happy Easter.


  2. Happy Easter!
    I am going to bake a strawberry cake today
    to bring to the hospital tomorow.

  3. From the mouth of babes! :-) Happy Easter to you and your family!

  4. So true- and we need to share that- so I just went to the corner market and bought darling little cupcake nests to go with the little Easter book I am giving to the neighbour children in a fun basket of course with chocolates and jelly beans.
    Bless-ed Easter to you all. May His Resurrection Power shine through each of our lives to others.

  5. Those cookies look so lovely and the little hands that helped to make them and to remind us on pure innocence!

  6. I love when little ones see what is important... and even 'teach' us in their innocence.
    Your cookies are beautiful.

  7. How about cutting out a little cheese or toast with the church cutter? It will be special. Happy Easter.

  8. So very true!!! Hope you are having a wonderful Easter!


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