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Saturday at Marg's Kitchen

Marg loves to start Saturday with a 'sleep in'

 Next on my agenda is a freshly brewed cup of coffee, preferably in bed.
Most Saturdays for me are very unstructured.
A bit of baking or tidying up and a time to catch up with family.
Many times it's a phone call or a quick text.
"Coffee on?"

It was a while back when my kids told me to start texting.
I have also learned that they only respond by text if it's of priority to them.
Do you know how to get your kids to respond quickly?
This morning I text them and inquired if anyone was game for fresh cinnamon buns.
You can see by the collage that they all responded within 4 minutes.

So I quickly whipped up a batch of Gooey Cinnamon Buns (MGCC pg.128)
I had made the dough the evening before which gave me a head start. (MGCC pg.116)

Coffee and fresh baking have always brought friends and family together.
My Saturday's have come along way from my early growing up years.
We too had a very structured Saturday which meant washing, cleaning, and baking.
Yes, I too had to lay out the newspapers and polish the shoes.
And the cows had to be curried and groomed for Sunday.

But there's an interesting twist to this story:
I remember one special day, Saturday, March 18, 1963, when I was 11 years old.
I had completed all my duties and even had my bath.
Do you know what it's like to share one bathroom with 9 people?
My hair was even squeaky clean.
The cows were milked early.  The chores were completed. 
 I was ready to father had planned a special outing.
He was the youth leader at that time in Clearbrook Mennonite Brethern Church.
And he was taking us to watch some of his youth play basketball in the provincial champion game.
We drove all the way to the UBC War Memorial Gymnasium.

It was one of my earliest highlights that I can remember,
watching MEI win the provincial championship game of 1963.
Little did I know that my future husband was also attending the same event.
And to this day, many Saturday evenings are still prioritized for basketball.
Last weekend, once again we saw a former classmate,  bring his team to the
provincial championship. It was also a weekend of celebrating with the champions of 1963!
Yes, I too had my bath again and made sure my hair was squeaky clean.
But I don't think I really cared if the chickens were fed or not.

But what caught my eye at the game became quite astonishing.
In front of me sat a young fan, cheering on her team.
She was beating her wooden spoon to the tune on a bread pan.
I immediately thought that she must be Mennonite!
Mennonites can not only cook, but they can also cheer.

So put on a fresh pot of coffee and call someone up...
I don't think they will refuse.


  1. Adelheid HildebrandMarch 23, 2013 at 8:20 AM

    I love this story, thankyou for all the good recipes, bread for the journies and the possitiviness.

  2. Marg...what an interesting post !! You know what I remember of that 1963 MEI game? I did not go to the MEI, but all of my church friends did. I remember the Sunday morning after that 'memorable game'. Mothers came to church with hoarse voices, telling of how they had screamed and cheered for their kids the day before !

  3. I can smell those buns and the coffee - oh how I wish I could come! Your Saturday mornings sound a bit like mine - unstructured and starting slow.... I also hear you on the quickest way to reach our young people - email just doesn't cut it anymore!
    Love your basketball story and how you cheer on your loved ones in so many ways!

  4. Like Saturdays have little resemblance to those I recall from my childhood. I have yet to have coffee in bed though!

    I remember that Saturday night so long ago, Marg...though I had to cheer for our team from the kitchen where we listened to the game on the radio. Oh yes...we can cheer from anywhere!

  5. Back in the day...I was still a young thing that couldn't leave my mother on those Saturday nights. My parents would turn on the radio on their bedroom and we would listen to the game and I can still almost hear Vic Toews announcing it all. I also remember Sunday mornings at church and the friendly rivalry between Abby and MEI. I am still a panther at heart.

  6. Wonderful post, Marg! I can't quite understand why the youth of today prefer text messages to phone calls, but my kids are the same! :)
    Your cinnamon buns look fabulous. I played basketball on Saturdays when I was young -- we played by "girls rules" back then and could only dribble the ball three times and then had to pass it. Even so it was lots of fun!

  7. cute story and buns look wonderful! I rarely text; it's too foreign to my fingers.

  8. Hello, I love this story! Thank you for sharing it!
    Martha from Kansas


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