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Recently I've been learning about the gift of listening.

I received a call from my sister this week and she just needed to talk. Shortly into the call she said, "thanks for listening to me". How many times has she been the one on the other end of the phone listening to me.

Yesterday a very dear friend called and we had a long conversation. We both talked about what was on on hearts and at the end of our conversation she said, "thank you for listening". Again I thought how many times she has been the one who gave me the gift of listening to me.

This past month my husband and I have been taking a course at our church called Hearing God.
As I've worked through the homework for this course I've realized how important it is for me to be still and listen to the voice of God.

Advent is a time of preparation.
In Psalm 46:10 God says, "Be still and know that I am God".

God has a personal message for each of us. He loves each of us and I know He desires for us to take time to be still. I am so grateful for the many times I have come to Him knowing He always listens. "Thank you God, for listening to me".

The desire of my heart during this advent season is to glorify God by listening to Him.....
and I know that when I do, my life will be transformed into His likeness and His response will be, "thank you for listening for Me".


  1. There is much power in listening. Whenever I'm feeling too loud or too forward, I remind myself to have a day of JUST listening and observing. It teaches me a lot. It re-grounds me.

    And there's nothing like a person who listens to help someone who's going through rough times.

  2. Lovely post and a great reminder.... TFS.

  3. Thank you for this devotion today as I light the first advent candle. What a great reminder and so well timed!

  4. Beautifully written, and such a good reminder. Stop and listen to God, stop and read His letter to us, stop and let His spirit fill our minds. Thank you!

  5. Another great share--I also had a dear friend phone me this week & we caught up on happenings in our lives & our families--So listening is something everyone should try--regularly!! Thanks again for making my day!!!

  6. Thanks for a loving & thoughtful reminder! Thanks for listening to not only my words but my heart too! Rhoda

  7. Thank you for this reminder to be a listener! So many times I wish I had just listened and not talked so quickly. Bless you and yours as you listen and wait during this advent season! May we all strive to do the same.

  8. Thank you for the beautiful message and just wanted I needed. God bless! Reena


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