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Bread For the Journey

We just finished celebrating Mother's Day!
I went alone last Sunday to church reflecting and pondering...
When I was just a tiny gal, I remembered people wearing flowers.
A white flower meant that your mother had past away
A red flower meant that your mother was living...
I looked around in church, gathering glimpses of their  faces,
and wondering what color flowers would represent the lives of these women.
Little did I know about life's journeys at that age.
My heart wrenched and started aching as I sat in church and thought of
so many families that have experienced painful relationships.
A life of separation...
the hurt...
the pain...
What if you are not in a position to be a mother?
Some are struggling with infertility.
Some have difficult relationships.
Some mother's are grieving the loss of a child, or a loved one.
Many women don't have the ideal family situation.
Mother's Day can bring along guilt, especially when compared to other women.
So many women struggling with pain, guilt and feelings of inadequacy.

How do we experience a fresh start and begin to have HOPE again?

Even if we don't get what we are hoping for in this lifetime,
have you made the decision to still trust, obey, honor and worship God
even if nothing changes?
Even if there is no "happily ever after"?

But I stand silently before the Lord, waiting for him to rescue me. 
For salvation comes from him alone.
Yes, he alone is my rock, my rescuer, defense and fortress:
Why then should I be tense with fear when troubles come?
My protection and success come from God alone.
He is my refuge, a Rock, where no enemy can reach me.
Psalm 62: 5-7. Living Bible

 We may never know how God will redeem a situation for us.
We may never know all the ways in which God can give value
out of a traumatic circumstance or experience,
but we do know that by sharing our stories we can
strengthen, inspire  and encourage each other,
and we do know that we are no longer held captive by hurtful treatment,
but are released to follow an unchanging God, our Rock. 

"Our broken lives are not lost or useless.
God's love is still working.  He comes in and takes the calamity
and uses it victoriously working out his wonderful plan of love."
Eric Liddell


  1. I can't begin to explain how much this entry has touched my heart today...Mother's day has always been difficult for me. I never had a stable one. But it is easier when I "trust, obey, honor and worship." His ways are not my ways, but his ways are perfect. I praise Him today for picking up my broken pieces and I thank you for your reflection.

  2. Very beautiful !!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Mother's Day has not been easy for me as well. I know that my life is in His hands and I love Him so. He has walked so close beside me, now I see throughout my entire life and continues now into my sixties. It is so very nice to love Him.

    Thank you for this message. I hope other women read this and feel that they matter and that they are not alone in their grief. Indeed, his ways are not ours. Susie

  4. Amen, Sister! I have been blessed beyond belief and not because things have gone well but blessed even though they haven't.

  5. Marg, thank you for sharing this today ... so well written. I know that it is when we have gone thorugh pain ourselves, that we can better understand those in it, and I love your consideratin here. I am reminded once more of the old song that talks about Jesus seeing our tears . . . and it is for those tears He died.

  6. I remember the flowers being worn--when I was very young!!!We must deal with what we are given & your message was an inspiration!!Thank you.

  7. I remember the flowers as well and thinking how glad I was, when seeing all the white flowers being worn, that I could wear a red flower. Wonderful thoughts for Mother's Day!

  8. Thank you for the reminder that too often we spend our time comparing ourselves and situations with others - when God alone holds the WHY and will make it all plain when we see Him. But we are to keep trusting, obeying and finding our protection and security in Him, our Rock. From that perspective we can live thankfully and His joy. Sure needed this reminder today. Thanks

  9. Thanks, Marg...for the reminder that God can use the broken pieces of our lives. It's easy to lose perspective when we are going through tough times.

  10. Thanks Marg for your reminder of Mothers Day's long ago and also that we really don't know where others are at when we sit around them in church. Beautiful post.

  11. I just had another rough Mother's Day today and re-visited this devotional for strength. Thank you so much.


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