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Marriage is a gift from God. Today I want to celebrate that gift. We share with you our recipes that we bring to the table and have enjoyed with our families,
so how about sharing with you a .......

Recipe for a Happy Marriage
Paraphrased according to scripture found in
Philippians 2: 1-4

Your life in Christ makes you strong
and His love comforts you.

Have fellowship with the Spirit.

Have kindness and Compassion for one another.

Have the same thoughts,
share the same love and
be one in soul and mind.

Do not do anything from selfish ambition
or from a cheap desire to boast,
but be humble toward one another
always considering others
better than your selves.

Look for one anothers interests
not just your own.

The attitude you should have is the one of Christ!

Two people that love each other come together to share there lives and love for each other, only to find that not all days are picture perfect.
When you are two separate people, independent thinkers, you will definitely not always be of one mind and having the same thoughts. I think that is O.K. God made us all differently with uniqueness about us.
What the Bible stresses, is that you come to a mutual understanding of each other and be respectful of one another as you work toward that understanding of like mindedness..
The goal is to be like minded in your faith,
your commitment to God and each other.
Work towards a marriage that is considerate of each other.
LOVE is a decision, not a feeling.

Keep Christ as the center, and work towards a Christ like attitude.
Every morning is a new beginning,
regardless of what a mess yesterday was!

This is my prayer of blessing for you ....

May BLESSINGS follow you through life
wherever CHRIST may lead you.
May LOVE be right beside you.
May JOY and PEACE precede you.
May GOD'S WORD light your path each day
while GRACE and PATIENCE guide your way.


  1. Thank you, I needed this today.

  2. One of our local Pastors said this,"You have chosen to love this person but you may not always like them"
    This is a beautiful posting.

  3. What a beautiful post! These sentiments are relevant whether you were just married moments ago or many, many years ago. They make perfect sense, but aren't always easy to remember when they are most needed, thank you for brightening my day!

  4. Thank you,Charotte. We attended a 50th wedding anniversary celebration that was beautiful evidence that your shared 'recipe' guarentees success.

  5. Thanks for keeping me from being stupid today! :)


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