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BBQ Casserole in Foil Packet

This is a simple casserole to do over a gas BBQ or Coals from a fire. It has no real recipe, and it is simple enough to change to how many people you are serving and ingredients you enjoy eating.

You start with
  1. Two sheets of heavy duty foil, sprayed with a cooking spray. The sheets should be long enough to fold over your food snugly.
  2. Choose from the following, your favorite hamburger patty, sausage or a piece of boneless skinless chicken.
  3. top it with one potato very thinly sliced
  4. a few thinly sliced onion rings
  5. thinly sliced carrot
  6. season accordingly to taste with salt and pepper or herbs.
  7. wrap each packet tightly, so juices stay in the foil.
  8. Place over coals or the top rack of your gas BBQ.
  9. Cook it for 30-40 minutes turning frequently so it doesn't burn.
Serve with corn of the cob or a fresh garden salad. If you want, you eat it right out of the foil packet and there are no dishes to do, BONUS!


  1. We like this one on the nights that we are so tight for time, because we are on our way to baseball. We add barbeque sauce in the package too. For some reason, my niece started calling them "hobo dinners", so we do too now. I like your variations - I have to vary mine up a bit

  2. This sounds like a perfect recipe to try out in a few weeks when our church has our family camping weekend! I do a lot of potatoes and onions in foil packets, but it is time to add the meat!!! lol


  3. Don't have a BBQ anymore and live in an apartment. I think I'll try this in the oven - on a not so hot day of course! I like the idea of adding barbecue sauce! Thanks for the idea!

  4. I used to make these in the oven, but now I dont remember what temperature I cooked them on, or for how long. They were good, and someone also told me they were called "hobos"

  5. I love reading people's comments and the variations on things. We call them hobo dinners too!

  6. We have had these and they are so yummy. I'm loving the easy meals for summer that are coming up. This will be a fun one to build with the grandkids and take to the river on evening. Kathy

  7. Have always loved these. I remember learning to make them when I was a young girl in Girl Scouts, and we called them hobo dinners as well. They were some of our best camping dinners. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Now that is a great idea Charlotte. What a nice little packet and I, like Karin, do not have a bbq, can you believe it! However I think done in the oven it would be very good too!

  9. I love to make these when we are camping. Easy, tasty and no clean-up!

  10. I sometimes put a half a slice of bacon with the potatoes,carrots and onions when I don't have other meat handy. Delicious.

  11. we would always have these camping :) It's wonderful how something so simple can taste so good! Instead of cooking spray I add a little chunk of butter (it adds a great flavor!)

  12. We love garlic in there to add some nice flavor. Also red and green peppers. I even add an apple sometimes. Farmer sausage is great.

  13. Hi there!
    We make these often but call them pocket stew. We start with a package of onion soup mix then thinly sliced potatoes, carrots and chicken peices. We top with seasoning salt and dollops of butter. The onion soup makes for a great flavor when it browns with the potatoes! We cook for about 20 min turning frequently on medium heat on the bbq. The kids love it and makes quick work of cleanup afterwards!


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