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All the earth shall worship thee, and shall sing unto thee;
They shall sing to thy name.
Psalm 66:4

While travelling in Europe, I was always fascinated by the small quaint churches in the Alps. Steeples and churches could be found around every corner. I stumbled upon this church, and found these words written on the front door.

Alles Land Bete Dich an und Lobsinge Dir. Ps. 66:4

So many churches unfortunately looked abandoned. The beauty that surrounds us, is one significant piece of evidence that keeps us tuned in with God. Because of Jesus death on the cross, all believers today have personal access to God's presence everywhere and any time.
It's wonderful to know...that I do not need to physically go to church to worship. I know I can worship him alone in my heart. But how much more wonderful when I can worship with others.
I hope you can all find a place to worship with other believers.


  1. Marg. . my heart is always so full after worshipping with other believers. It is still a mystery to me how God designed us to need the body of Christ like we do.
    When I am not able to attend church I can listen to the service online during the week but its never quite the same. It is such a privilege to be able to worship freely in this country. .such a blessing.

  2. Seeing the old churches reminds me of what a great heritage has been brought down to us by our forefathers...and it pleases me that they, too, loved the Lord and were faithful all the days of their life to Him. Our fellowship is not only with present believers, but all those who have gone before, and that thought amazes me!

  3. What a blessing to be in communion with God our Father and as a part of His wonderful family, past, present, and future. He is preparing the Bride of Christ - without spot or wrinkle. - Love those old churches and how the Lord is still faithful to work in those small places, where things are not hip and happenin', but the Good News of the gospel is still preached in all faithfulness! He will add His blessing thereto!

  4. how true!!We can worship at home in our heart ,but how much more wonderful to worship with other believers!!God Bless everyone today!!

  5. Just thinking about sitting in that little church on a hilltop is enough to cause me to become quiet and in a heart of worship.

    Lovely photo and expressed thoughts. Thanks, Marg.

  6. In the NIV this verse reads "All the earth bows down to you; they sing praise to you, they sing praise to your name."
    Wonderful thoughts Marg. It is so good to worship together...

  7. How true this is. Just knowing that we can worship in the quiet of our own hearts no matter where we are or what our something I am so grateful for. There are people who are not allowed to go to church for many reasons...yet in the quiet of their own hearts they can worship. We who can and do attend church are very blessed. I am so fortunate to go to a church where I am learning, growing, and being blessed through worship and the word. It is a great community. Kathy

  8. I love little country churches.
    It is important to me to worship with other is such a blessing!

  9. Mennonite Girls, I've aspired to be a Mennonite cook all my life. :) I grew up here in Oregon amoung many mennonites. Your blog brings me such joy. Thank you for this labor of love.

  10. Marg ... there is something about those little white churches... does not almost every bride dream about getting married in one?

    Thank you for this symbolic reminder today of corporate worship. Yes, we can worship alone every day... but to worship together with other believers is like adding logs to the fire, isn't it?

  11. So true...there's nothing like meeting together with a group of believers united in worship. Yesterday morning service was amazing!


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