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Bread for the Journey

"If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink."
"For the Scriptures declare that rivers of living water,
shall flow from the inmost being of anyone who believes in me."
John 7:37-38. LB

On my travels this past year in Rome,
I stumbled across this cistern.
Everything inside of me stopped...

"I was walking along the hot dusty cobbled streets, and there in front of me, was fresh water. I was imagining what it would of been like to hear the words,"

"If anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink."

I think we all know what it is like to be dehydrated.
Once we stop drinking water, we loose coherency,
skin grows clammy and vital organs wrinkle.
Deprive your body of necessary fluid and your body will tell you.
Your body needs water, the way a tire needs air.

So it is, if we deprive our soul of spiritual water,
your soul will tell you.
Where do you find water for your soul?
What H2O can do for your body,
Jesus can do for your soul.

Today we are all searching for purified bottled water.
Maybe we need to look for the bottle called "Spirituality".
One bottle will never satisfy your thirst.
Communion with Jesus satisfies thirsty souls.
Just as an Olympic athlete trains his body,
and keeps it hydrated, we too, can come to our
our Coach, Jesus, who can continue to energize us.

Continue to drink with me on my spiritual journey,
from this bottomless well,
so that we can all be rivers of living water.


  1. Good word Marg! The living water that satisfies!

  2. Yes, yes, yes.



  3. Thank you, I'm really enjoying the "Bread for the Journey" series, its food for the soul. =)

  4. Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing! I am a regular visitor of your blog, don't always comment, but always looking and reading. Love your recipes, have enjoyed several of them, but your Bread for the Journey, always feeds me! Thank you!

  5. The photo you chose for today gave such a good illustration to the message you shared. I need that spiritual water each day. Kathy (MGCC)

  6. Very very good! The comparison was amazing.


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