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Bread for the Journey

Psalm 119:105
Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path.

This year us ladies at MGCC have nudged each other to spend more time in God's Word.
It takes discipline.
I find that I spend far more time in prayer than I do reading my bible.
I can pray anywhere and at any time.....
what a blessing that is.

Bible reading on the other hand requires me STOP.
It requires TIME.
Those are things that take DISCIPLINE.

God's word sheds light for life.
It is The Bread of Life.
We can never overindulge in it.
It is soul food that I need for every day.
At times I have starved myself,
reaching a point of craving it.

When I discipline myself to stop and take time
I am fed well.
God's word is spiritually healthy nourishment.
God's word is fresh,
sometimes it is a feast for my soul
other times it is a small bite that refreshes for the moment.

Why don't you join us this year by spending more time reading your bible.

O cleaning Word, O precious Word, Your promises are true;
They keep and purify my heart; Your truths are ever new.


  1. Oh this speaks to my heart.
    hip chick @ A collection of days

  2. Thank you for this inspiring and very timely message. I've made this my goal for the upcoming year as well.

  3. Just what I need to hear, thank you. Proverbs 15:23

  4. I have Bible called "The One Year Bible" that I completed last year. This is not the first time I have read through in one year, just the first time with this wonderful Bible in chronological order. So easy and what a sense of accomplishment when you finish.
    Try it. At all Christian Book Stores I am sure.

  5. Dodie, thanks for suggesting the One Year Bible. Several years ago I read through it, and it really was a great way of discipling myself to get through the whole bible in a year. This year I am going to pick books of the bible and study them a little deeper rather than read through the whole bible. Along with this I am also doing some memorizing. It doens't matter how you get the Word of God into your mind and's just so important to do. Kathy (MGCC)

  6. Such a great reminder! For the last few years hubby and I have been reading through different translations and paraphrases. There were many smaller books I want to read again and study deeper. So we won't be reading front to back this year, but rather more focused!

  7. Great post and you are so correct, it takes great discipline.

  8. Wonderful challenge. I accept.



  9. Thanks for the encouragement and challenge, Kathy - As a child my favourite verse was Ps. 119:11. If we have God's Word hid deep in our hearts, we will walk in oneness with Him throughout our days.
    I am making this my prayer again this year.

  10. I love that we can encourage each other in reading the Word. .thank you Kathy for your words to spur us on.


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