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Bread For The Journey

The Narrow Winding Path 

This Christmas, a friend gifted me with a box of Proverbs cards to colour.  
A gift I have enjoyed. 
The colouring is relaxing and pondering the wisdom of each card's verse is inspiring. 
The card above is one that  particularly impressed me
 by how  the artist
captured the emotionally impacting truth of God's promise. 

Our life path is fraught with distractions, pitfalls, dangers, obstructions,  twists and turns,
to the extent that often we feel we are groping our way in the dark with no GPS 
and feeling the ground under our feet  about to give way.    

But we DO have a GPS,
If we stay tuned to His Word, we will make wise 'choices/selections'
 that will keep us on the narrow path,
Our Lord has promised to guard our footsteps
and protect us from slipping or falling.  

"The Lord will be at your side
 will keep your foot from being snared" 
Proverbs 3:26


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