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Women Who Loved God

It's always hard to write on Mother's Day.  There are so many hurting women in this world and somehow it's so difficult to know how to address all the issues that surround women today.  So I decided best to share some faith nuggets about our mothers.

These two women were good friends, one being my mother, Mary Schmidt and the other being Kathy's  mother, Louise Janzen.  Even though they left us long ago,  they left us with a significant legacy.  You can tell by their smiles that they had fun and they had spunk.  Not only did they know how to have fun, but both were prayer warriors and they loved God.
I know that these women prayed for us way back then, and I can only imagine them asking the Lord to go before them and their families.  We can continue to thank God for the legacy of our mothers, thank Him for his faithfulness and ask Him to guide and care for the future generations.

I know our mothers would have been praying for our children and our grandchildren, not knowing what life would hold, by putting their trust in the One who holds life together.

Over the past weeks, I've spent time reflecting on some of the women who have spurred us on.

"And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds." Hebrews 10:24.

I've realized that my own days of teaching and parenting are long gone, but I've also realized that our mothers taught us how to keep going through difficult circumstances.  I've also realized that there have been other women in my friendship circles that have now spurred me on when I have found it difficult to move forward. And the beauty of these friendships is that they come in all ages, shapes, and sizes.  This past weekend I had the privilege of spending time with my one and only younger sister.  I was encouraged when she shared with me how she told our mother in her last days, that she would take on the responsibility of being the prayer warrior for the family.   Kathy too, has the heart of a prayer warrior, countlessly praying for family and friends.   How wonderful to be able to honor and cherish our mothers, for a legacy well lived, which continues on in the hearts of their daughters.

Mother's Day is not only a day to honor those who brought us into this world but to celebrate all the women who have challenged, confronted, supported, loved and encouraged us to see the world in a new way and giving true value to others.

Regardless of our age, let's continue to spur each other on just like these two friends, Mary and Louise did.


  1. Very well said, thank you for these words this morning. In a card I wrote to my mother just this week, it too was along the lines of thanking her for her constant prayers. What a difference this makes in my life! I have been blessed with a great Grandma who also was a prayer warrior and despite age and mobility issues, she too prayed for her children and what a honor to watch and learn from these women of great faith!

  2. Thank you, Marg ... such good thoughts ... our mothers, who would we be without them? and if we have/had praying mothers there is no greater blessing.

  3. Knowing that my mother has prayed for me through the years has been such a blessing to me. (And she still is) Thank you for the thoughts.

  4. Thank you Marg - as our pastor said this morning - we may not all be mothers but we each have a mother who did their best for us. Some struggled harder than others but each one should be valued and appreciated no matter what their strengths and weaknesses were. And there are many mothers who pray not only for their own children but for others they see need their prayers. We may never know who all prayed for us. Let us be grateful today.

  5. Such wonderful words and thoughts of praying moms. I know my mom and dad were prayer warriors too and that is what I miss the most about them! I pray that I too can be this kind of mom. Tonight we are profoundly saddened and praying for our dear friends who just lost their newborn grandson in Fernie BC! We feel so helpless and the only thing we can do is pray for them all.

    1. Oh Rosella, I'm so sad for your's so hard to loose a child. I've just been reading a good encouraging book Pilgrimage through Loss, of parents who have lost children. It feels so empty and I could just wrap my arms around you now and feel the pain. Keep praying and letting them know that you are praying....text little words of encouragement....

    2. Thank you Marg! They are in BC right now with their daughter and SIL and I can't even imagine what they are going through! Thank you for recommending the book and yes, I will send some "love" notes to them.

    3. Praying for you and your friends Rosella.

    4. Oh Rosella... I'm so sorry for your friends... praying for them right now and for you too.


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