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Bread for the Journey

The Giver of Gifts 

Christmas is the season of love and family and gifts.  
Yes, gifts can be a wrong focus and the cause of stress and tension and overspending, 
but I have been seeing a change in people's attitude
gift-giving having to be "bigger and more and better"  
a heart desire focused on giving  "thoughtful gifts".

When it comes to 'bigger and better' there is One who can never be out-done or out-given!  
The One whose birth we celebrate this season - but let us not forget that it is not the 'baby' but the God in human flesh that we celebrate and He is the reason for our joy. 

We had a guest couple from Samaritan's Purse come to speak to our church's women's group about the Christmas shoe boxes that bless children around the world every Christmas. 
The husband's name was Gordon and he showed us a mind-blowing video of what happens to the shoe boxes we pack and drop off at church or some collection depot.  
The boxes all end up in huge warehouses to prepare them for overseas shipping
 - Gordon and his wife were involved with the Calgary warehouse. 

After showing the video, he shared a personal experience - a story that I will never forget!
He had traveled with a shipment of boxes - on route to the country of assigned destination -
 to watch first hand the boxes being distributed to the children.

 The distribution day came and he gathered with the children
 that so patiently waited to receive their box.
Feeling their barely contained excited, he turned to the little girl sitting beside him
and asked her,
"What do you want to see in your box? What are you hoping for?"   
There was no hesitation in her reply.
 "I want a mommy and daddy in my box."   
Gordon's heart clenched as he gently said,
"I'm so sorry, 
but I don't think a mommy and daddy will be in your box."   
The child was not deterred,
"Oh yes, there will be. 
I prayed, I asked God and He said there would be.
I know He will give me a mommy and daddy in my box."

Gordon watched, with trepidation, as finally, a box was handed to the little girl
and she eagerly opened it. 
It was filled with the normal little gifts that delight a girl her age, 
but on the side of the box was an envelope.  
They opened the envelope and inside was a note that said,
 "Whatever boy or girl opens this box, we want to adopt them!"
Her Mommy and Daddy WERE in the box ! 
The wheels were set in motion and the Michigan couple who had written the note 
adopted the little girl.  
Their church was so moved by the unfolding of this story,
 that other couples adopted children as well.  
All God needed was the faith of a little girl !  
What kind of faith do you have? How big is your God? 

"Without faith it is impossible 
to please Him,  who says ... 
Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. 
Is there anything too hard for Me?" 
Heb.11:6 and Jer.32:27


  1. Wow! The power of Prayer, never underestimate it.

  2. Oh my...this story made tears pour from my eyes. How wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing it. :)

  3. the love of God is greater far than tongue or pen can ever tell...... thank you for sharing this story.

  4. Thank you, Julie, for that wonderful story. I always love "Bread for the Journey".

  5. Just read this story to our family sitting here watching football and we are all crying...

  6. These are life stories that stir the heart. thank you Julie.

  7. This story has blessed me in incredible ways. Thanks for sharing!! I cry every time I read it and have shared it many times with friends and family. We all cry!


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