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Luke 12: 34  'For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.'

There is a time when being a pack rat is a good thing.
Usually we see it as a negative thing because pack rats save everything thinking that one day they may need it. Their living space is filled with stuff.
Now think of being a spiritual pack rat, when you store God's word in your heart and fill every bit of space for the time you need to draw from it.

Psalm 119:11 'I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.'

Do not be held hostage by the 'stuff' in your life, let God 'clean out' your heart and fill it up with His word.


  1. "People" say..."de-clutter and get rid of anything that isn't special or doesn't have a meaning." The two new things in my house are the television Dave bought five months before he died and the Amish made rocking chair that came with his casket four years ago. Television subscription has been cancelled because it cluttered my mind, my eyes and my ears with trash and caused my heart to hurt. The rest of the furniture (stuff) has a story...all old stories from the rocking chair that was Great Aunt Ruth's wedding gift in, I believe, 1928 to the iron stead bed that was Mrs. Cokeley's wedding gift in 1932. Or maybe 1933. My "stuff" brings great comfort as I'm reminded of that great cloud of witnesses gone on before and, remembering, I am strengthened in my own walk with Jesus. Each morning as I read His Word (because I wouldn't trouble myself to get out of bed had I not His Word and stewardship to look forward to), I am reminded anew of His promises and claim every one.
    I am not held hostage by stuff; I am held hostage by memories, sweet memories.

    1. There is always the good stuff we can hold onto. Thank you for sharing.


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