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Saturday's Kitchen Tips ~ Clean Oven & Grill Racks

Who likes cleaning the oven? Not me.  I have double ovens...which are self-cleaning (LOL) though I only use that function very occasionally. A non-stick liner is the perfect solution for keeping the 'floor' of the oven clean. Made of heavy-duty non-stick coated fabric...even the most stubborn cooked-on spills simply wipe off or rinse away.  They last for many years (I've had mine for well over five years)...withstand high temp's and are easy to remove for cleaning.  The liners are available at kitchen shops and on-line...and can be trimmed to fit most sized ovens.   It works for me!  (This liner cannot be placed on the floor of ovens where the heating element is hidden in the base. It should then be laid on the bottom rack.)

As for the racks, I'll share my easy 'no scrub' method for getting them shiny and looking new again.  I remove them before the self-cleaning cycle since it discolours them.
  • Put the racks in a large black garbage bag...outdoors.
  • Spray them well with oven cleaner.
  • Tie the bag shut tightly.
  • Leave overnight (at least 12 hours).
  • Hose them down.
  • Wipe clean.
And here's the good news...this method works equally well for cleaning the cooking grates on your BBQ. And since it's grilling season, I thought this might just be a timely tip at this time of the year!


  1. Great idea! I will be trying this out today. Thanks.

  2. I worked for a cleaning company years ago. This is the exact method we used to clean ovens, works great!

  3. Excellent tip and exactly how I do it. I am really interested in the Plan B way of using the non-stick liner. Thanks!

  4. Whew - you oven looks sparkling clean! This method must work - I have to try this. The mat, I've never heard of and will surely need to check it out! Thanks for your handy tips this morning Judy.

  5. Recently a friend shared another way to clean the oven racks which works well.
    Put the racks in the bathtub. Add hot water so they are covered. Then add a bit of cheap bubble bath from the dollar store, while water is running. Let sit 30-60 minutes. Rinse.

    1. Kathy shared a similar method on this blog early last year. You can check it out here...

  6. Thanks for the tip! I will be doing this very thing!!

  7. Just place aluminium foil on the base of your oven.. when it's dirty you only have te place a new sheet.. no dirty hands, no scrubbing!

  8. This blog gives us the tips to get rid of the grease that sticks in our microwave. From that way we can make our things clean


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