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Mushroom and Provolone Pattie Melts

If you love mushrooms....keep reading, then go to the grocery store for a few fresh ingredients and make this simply delicious tasting cheesy pattie melt. If you have non mushroom lovers at the table just make them a grill cheese...everyone will be happy. 

  • 1 unsliced round sour dough loaf (this loaf is enough for 4 generous sized sandwiches)
  • butter for bread
  • 1 package sliced provolone cheese, 10-12 large rounds)
  • 2 tbsp butter, for sauteing mushrooms
  • 2 pounds mushrooms...or more they cook down when sauteed
  1. Slice bread into thick slices. ( I like to use my electric knife for this size loaf) You should get 8 slices and then the two small crust ends.
  2. Butter one side of each slice of bread as for a grilled cheese.
  3. Melt second amount of butter in a non stick fry pan. Slice mushrooms and add to butter. Saute until soft and nicely browned, making sure there is some moisture in them. (Don't over saute and dry them out)
  4. Place one bread on grill heated to medium. Cover well with provolone, then top generously with sauteed mushrooms, topped with another layer of provolone.
  5. Place the top bread over and butter it. Cook until the provolone is well melted and bread is well grilled, flip and grill the other side. 


  1. Oh my Kath! These look very scrumptious!! I'll be making these soon! Rhoda

  2. Yum - that sounds like a great twist on a gourmet grilled cheese!! It looks so delicious!

  3. We make these and love them. Adding a bit of diced bacon to the mix steps it up a notch. True comfort food either way!

  4. This really looks like a sandwich I'd love to sink my teeth into!

  5. These will be made today to go with some homemade chicken noodle soup....perfect (as a nasty winter storm is bearing down on us, here in S.E. MN......ugh!).

  6. Made this tonight on homemade sourdough bread. I did add slices of Canadian bacon (sparingly, though). Wonderful sandwiches!!!!!!!


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