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That Last Minute Gift!

It's that time of year where each one of us begins to think about Christmas.
Baking, parties, shopping, banquets, family gatherings...
There is such a flurry of business which is connected to Christmas.
Do you really want to stand in those long line-ups? 
Let us here, at MGCC, give you a few extra good suggestions.
Let us help you do your shopping.

Over the years we have had sponsors who donate to our book projects.
These are great business partners and we want to highlight each one.
Let them help you with your Christmas shopping list this year.
Take advantage of these wonderful ideas.

How many times are you scratching your head thinking...
What should I bring for an appie or what about meal planning?
Let Neufeld Farms create their best meal planning solutions. 
Get the party started with their great seasonal appetizers.
 Just pop them in the oven and away you go.

Do you need a special platter with mixed cheeses, pickles and crackers?
Or maybe you want a special antipasto platter....
Lepp Farm Market's can customize your platter with a presentation that will dazzle your guests.
On December 5-6, you can join in the fun at  'Christmas Market at the Farmer's Table'
A visit to Winks is an all day ladies event.
Take a drive out, and wander through this charming shop
filled with linens, home decor, jewelry and beautiful products for bath or baby.
Let Winks take away the stress of wrapping gifts.
Their staff is more than willing to add that extra touch to your gift.

Sometimes you need something for that special girlfriend.
Take her to a 'high tea' at Tracycakes.
You can order Christmas cupcakes and Christmas Drinks.
Enjoy an eggnog with a freshly baked biscuit.

Some of you who have just completed your house renovations...
and I'm sure you will want to add a few new touches to your home.
 Take a quick trip out to Grand Pappy's in Chilliwack.
You can count on them for all your household furnishings.
They are celebrating 'Black Friday' till November 30th.

Are some of you thinking about remodeling your kitchen?
Let Wesley Ellen Designs and Millwork give you the custom look
that you've always wanted.
They are artisans and will design and hand build custom framed cabinets.

What is the perfect family gift?
 Swings provide treasured life-time memories for many generations.
Rosedale Swing Company wants you to enjoy the freedom of swinging.
Let them engrave your favorite name or quote on the cedar seat.
It will add the extra touch needed.

There's no better gift than using wooden spoons.
Last year Whetstone Woodenware gifted the MGCC gals a wide variety of spoons and ladles.
No kitchen can be complete with out a set of wooden spoons.
These woodenware utensils have been used by cooks and bakers for years.
You can order these on line and have them shipped to your home.

So sit back and relax.  You don't need to brave the crowds of shoppers.
Have you completed your shopping and baking? 
What are some of your helpful hints for unwinding  at Christmas?

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  1. Wonderful ideas Marg! So nice to recognize your sponsors and the treasures in your area! One day I would like to order one of those beautiful swings and oh the wooden spoons - beautiful! Can't believe it's Dec. 1st already - I'd better get busy over here - eek!


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