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Eggs plain and simple

Get Cracking!

Did you know that the best quality eggs are usually those sized Small in stores?
The reason for that is because when a hen begins to lay eggs they are small and the eggs get larger as the hen matures. 

If you are going to make eggs the centrepiece of your breakfast,  consider small or medium eggs. The white will stand nice and high with the yolk on a fresh egg so watch for that as well. 
When you crack an egg and the white spreads all over the pan, it is usually a better idea to scramble the egg.

When we bring eggs into the house from those first few days of a hen laying there is nothing better for breakfast than a fresh and tender egg.

Whether I am making eggs benedict or soft boiling them or even just simply cracking them into the pan...
eggs for breakfast are always a nutritious choice.

Happy Saturday!


  1. That's interesting about the size of the egg. I hate the eggs I buy from the grocery store, even the so called 'cage free' eggs. I usually get my eggs from a local man who has chickens, but they haven't been laying lately. I've been forced to purchase grocery store eggs - I'll give the small eggs a try and save the large ones for baking. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I love eggs. Good ones are $6 a dozen here, and yes the white spreads but not overly much. One thing I do with eggs is make sure they are not from 'vegetarian' fed hens. Who ever heard of a vegetarian hen? I think that is just plain wrong not to feed them an all-around diet.

    Eggs are ideal when it hurts to cook, when your arthritis is acting up, or your back having you hang onto furniture to get around, or you feel dizzy or ill in any way, too ill to shop and carry home groceries and have pots and pans to clean. Two eggs on toast with an apple is nutritious and delicious.


    1. I prefer eggs to not come from hens that have been fed ground up chickens in their meal. Bugs and grubs are good. My oldest daughter and some of her cousins have an egg farm with free range hens. The eggs are listed as being from vegetarian fed eggs due to no unnaturally added animal by- products to their diet.

  3. I hadn't heard that the size of eggs was related to the quality. I may have to change my practice of buying large (or extra large) ones!

  4. I love eggs too! Good to know about the small ones. I've notice lately that eggs in the local grocery have a bright pink expiry date stamped on each egg! This is going to make some interesting Easter egg colouring challenges....might have to find some unstamped "farm" fresh eggs like yours!

  5. There is no going back to grocery store eggs once you eat farm fresh, free range chicken eggs. Small, medium, large or extra-large, they are yummy and make beautiful pastry, pancakes, etc. Plus they are a very healthy choice.

  6. One the most versatile and delicious foods I have yet to discover!!!

  7. We love eggs and have them nearly every Sunday for brunch after church and sometimes we have them for supper through the week. I was recently told I should buy the medium eggs as they are cheaper and much the same size as large but I keep forgetting to do that. I will next time I purchase some and see how they are. I guess I should be buying them from my neighbours down the road too rather than buying at the grocery as they are so much fresher.

  8. We get ours from a local chook farm. I love that we can get ungraded eggs, it's interesting to see how much variety is in two and a half dozen egg! Fresh eggs straight from the chook really do cook up differently to older eggs. I honestly hadn't noticed a difference between the sizes, I'll be testing them now to see what I can discover. :)
    This morning's breakfast was toast piled with gorgeous sauteed spinach and mushrooms then topped with runny poached eggs. YUM!

  9. One of my hens just lays smaller eggs and has done so from the beginning. The one who lays huge eggs laid huge eggs after the first week. So, getting small eggs is just a matter of who lays what. Factory eggs that are small is luck of the size, too, because the hens are there for a year, laying eggs that are sized every day. They cannot have newly laying hens all the time. Now, if you have them in your back yard, you might have better luck catching the first small ones.

  10. I try to get my eggs from a farmer down the road, and he usually gives us a mix of brown and greenish-blue eggs. My kids think the green/blue eggs are pretty neat! Easy for Easter too :)


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