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Saturday in Kathy's Kitchen

I'm not here advertising for a particular company I just happen to love all things parchment and was given a bag full of  assorted parchment products I wanted to tell you about. I usually purchase parchment paper on the jumbo roll from Costso because I use so much and those big rolls are wider and I get more for my buck.

Parchment paper in great for lining baking pans when baking meat balls, chicken pieces, salmon, natchos pizza and appetizers.
It's also great for lining baking sheets and pans for cookies and cakes.
Using parchment is a heathy way of cooking as you don't need to use any butter, oil or spray.....things won't stick.
There is little and sometimes no clean up of pans after baking.... bonus!

Parchment cooking bags are another favourite of mine. They look something like a microwave popcorn bag when opened. With just the two of us at home I slide 2 chicken breasts or pieces of salmon in a bag along with some herbs and spices, fold it over at the top several times, place the bag on a baking sheet and bake in oven just as you would without a bag. The difference pan cleanup. I also find that using parchment bags keeps meat really moist.

Then there are the baking cups which I have found in small and large sizes. Have you ever baked muffins and go to pull the paper liner off and the muffin sticks to the paper? You won't have that trouble if you change over to parchment cups. The paper pulls away clean from the muffin or cupcake.

My latest find in parchment are the tulip cups. I'm a sucker for anything new and different to use in my kitchen.
Your muffins will look like they came from a gourmet coffee shop...they did....right from your own oven served warm with a good cup of coffee.

With the holiday season just around the corner you might find these products useful and fun.

If you have our Mennonite Girls Can Cook cookbook go to page 36 where you will find my recipe for these Blueberry Crumble Muffins.
In the photo above I've used that recipe 1 1/2 times to bake up 12 gourmet size muffins using the parchment tulip cups.
The only thing you need to do is add about 5-7 minutes onto the baking time as the muffins are bigger.
To test use a toothpick or  a cake testing spear. If it comes out clean muffin is done.
(Bev gave each of us girls one of those little testing spears last year for that pretty little kitchen gadget too... like kitchen jewelery.)

Parchment paper can be found in most grocery stores. Follow all instructions for baking and oven temperatures on brand you choose. For a Christmas gift giving idea for someone who has most everything or a new bride who is just beginning to set up her kitchen make up a kitchen basket and fill it with some parchment products,  a cake testing spear.......
and a Mennonite Girls Can Cook cook book.

Happy baking!


  1. cute kitchen jewels and thanks for the tips.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Oh I completely agree. Parchment is a great cooking accessory. Sometimes I use it to wrap things :)

  3. I bake with parchment because nothing sticks to it and cleaning is a breeze. Parchment and I are good friends in the kitchen. JB

  4. Ooo, I love the bejeweled cake testing spear! And those muffins look heavenly!

  5. Where exactly can I buy the parchment cooking bags and the tulip cups? I always buy parchment paper but the bags and cups are new to me and I would love to try both products! Thanks for your help and as always, your very useful tips!

    1. I think they are fairly new products. I've heard you can get them at IGA, but I'd ask in your local super market and maybe they will start to carry them.

  6. I just noticed the tulip cups this week at Great Canadian Superstore

  7. I love trying new products too! I only started using parchment about a year ago. (Been married 21 years)Why did I wait so long??? Now I buy the Costco one :) Thanks for the tips!

  8. That tester reminds me so much of my Grammy's hatpin!

    I discovered parchment paper only a couple of years ago, and so far have used it only on baking sheets. It certainly is helpful. And I save the used pieces in the kindling basket, so it's double-purpose :)

  9. Oh, Kathy! Ever since I started following MGCC (years ago), I knew that we were kindred spirits. This post has confirmed that! I have used the Costco parchment paper on a roll for years and make sure to never run out of it. I have not seen the other products in stores around here, but believe I will be keeping my eyes open for them. It was just last week, that I was out with a friend at a coffee shop and pointed out the tulip papers to her. She responded with a comment and look that sort of said, "you're kidding - you care about stuff like that?". Absolutely! I love stuff like that - anything that makes the good things that I bake, look and taste even better!

    1. Loved reading your comment Lorrie, Thanks for stopping by MGCC. Hope you had a good weekend. Kathy

    2. Loved reading your comment Lorrie, Thanks for stopping by MGCC. Hope you had a good weekend. Kathy

  10. I must look for the muffin liners, parchment is the greatest invention!

  11. Don't know if you have heard of "super parchment" which is like a very thin baking liner. It's my favorite baking tool! They are inexpensive and are just washed with soap and water and reusable. I've cut a few to have just the shape I need for my flan pans. It makes a beautiful cake roll so easy! You don't have to throw so much parchment paper away!


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