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Good Friday

Today is
Good Friday !
Someone asks 'Why do we call it good?'
It was the agonizing death of an innocent Man for crimes he did not commit.
We cannot bear to see His suffering on a rough hewn cross.
In the words of Isaiah we agree...
"We hid our faces from Him, He was despised and we did not esteem Him."
Is. 53:3b

But, look again.

The Man who died never did anything wrong.
That was GOOD ...
As the sacrificial Passover Lamb the Man was perfect , without blemish.
That was GOOD
The Man willingly gave His life to save others.
That was GOOD
The Man even as He hung on the cross spoke comforting words to sinners ...
"Father, forgive them... " and ...
"Today you will be with Me in paradise.. "
That was GOOD
His Father in heaven was watching ...
He knew Sunday was coming and it would reveal God's ancient plan.
and He said...
"It is GOOD!"


  1. I always knew it was Good Friday because He died for our sins.but I never looked at the whole picture about the word good..thank you for this

  2. If you posted Bread for the Journey everyday or had another blog for posting Bread for the Journey everyday, that would make my day. :)

    1. Check out Julie's personal devotional blog called
      Pearls in a Nutshell on the side bar to the left under all the recipes and you will find lots of devotional inspiration.

  3. Thank you for this post....
    A happy and blessed Easter to you and your's.

  4. Thank you for these thoughts today; we are so blessed to call Him Saviour and Lord.

  5. Hey there! The other day when you guys posted the recipe for the lemon buns (which are so yummy looking!), it got me thinking. If we were jewish right now we would be celebrating tomorrow (Passover) and we would have spent hours and days removing the yeast from our houses (yeast being a reference to sin) yet those of us, especially with Mennonite heritage, start baking the wonderful Paskas, buns in every form we can imagine them. So the question in my mind is, when did we leave our Jewish roots? I've learned that Easter was a pagan festival to the fertility god Ishtar, hense the bunnies and eggs. We're so removed that we don't even celebrate Passover and yet the Lord commands us that we should celebrate until He comes as these are His appointed feasts. Huh, just something to ponder.

    1. Hi there. You are correct in questioning the origins of Good Friday and Easter Sunday I would suggest studying your bible and praying to God for understanding. There are Christians around the world who keep the Christian Passover, Days of Unleavened Bread, and the Sabbath, as well as the other feasts and holy days as commanded by God. It is definitely something to ponder.

  6. "Today you will be with Me in paradise.. "

    Thank you. I read your blog daily. When my mother's time on earth was ending, she told us, she was going to paradise. She made a peaceful journey.


  7. Most of us take our freedom's for granted and never think much about what Jesus did when he made the Ultimate sacrifice to save us so that we can spend our Eternal lives in paradise with Him :)

    Thank you so much for the wonderful blog today :)

    Have a Blessed Easter :)

  8. Another thought provoking message--Thank you.. Enjoy your Easter celebrations with your family and friends.

  9. Excellent post! Thank you! Blessed Easter to you all!

  10. Dear Anonymous - regarding the Jewish Passover traditions.... if you would like to e-mail me privately I would be happy to respond to your 'pondering' thoughts.

  11. Hi I have just stumbled upon your blog. I love your thoughts on Good Friday, so I just thought I would throw my understanding as a British Catholic. The Word 'good'in Good Friday comes from the old English meaning, 'Holy' (good being holy)We also actually had a seda meal for Passover on Wednesday along with our Church of England friends as a start to Easter.It always fascinates me how Christianity can be so different and yet so similar :-)
    Wishing you a Blessed Easter

  12. thanks for posting this I read it to all my Grandchildren today .

  13. Excellent witness.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  14. We lived in Brazil for five years and there we referred to the week prior to Easter as Holy Week and Good Friday was called "Holy Friday" if translated directly. I came to deeply appreciate and cherish this season as well as the earlier weeks of Lent.


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