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Bread for the Journey

When you belong to a family there is a connection between the members.
It's the same when you belong to the family of God.
If you are a believer you know what I am talking about.

When we are on holidays we often come across the word of God
being proclaimed in the most interesting ways.
There is an instant connection to the truths in the message.

Along our way we meet other believers who also belong to God's family,
and again there is an instant connection.
We like to attend church on our holidays.
We feel connected when we go even though we are visitors.
Our connection to these strangers is through our relationship with Jesus.

The family of God has room for everyone.
God's Word points us to the truth,
and it is like a road map that leads to Jesus.

Jesus loves you.
He has room in His family for everyone.


  1. it is good to know that there is always room for more in God's family......we all need a place of being loved and accepted and no one does it better than Jesus! thanks kathy

  2. Wonderful message, and so true. Sometimes, we just need to open our eyes and our hearts a little more to find what we need.

  3. I love those expressions of love to our Heavenly Father... I always wonder how people get the 'Trust Jesus,' signs up about twenty feet high on the telephone poles...

  4. Such an interesting way to display scripture!
    Just as a family tree grows out of its roots... so also the tree of the fruit of the Spirit grows out of a character rooted in Jesus !
    Well done, Kathy!


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